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Description of Assam Live Tv Apk

NORTH EAST, an integral part of India, with its charm and diversity, is a heaven in terms of its culture, natural beauty, resources and its unique individuality. Guwahati, the gateway to Seven S isters, acts as the threshold to North East.

Assam Live TV, actually is a part of a dream to show the varied heritage and issues related to political, social, cultural and economical. The vision is to show the world the real picture of the region.

Assam Live TV wants to be the harbinger of serious entity, wherein the masses and their views are involved, setting a stage for peoples' forum wherein the news involves the masses and not only the corridors of power. With aesthetic and graphical presentation, this channel intends to take news right into the heart of ordinary masses so that they can be the real judge of the news and pass their own verdict - 'With the people with their issues.'

We here at Assam Live TV, believe that we can fill up the void in fulfilling the dreams to represent the regional uniqueness as well as the individual identity and social tradition of the region and take upon the opportunity to be the platform to express their views on issues affecting the country in general and the region in particular. Hence, ushering in a new electronic interdependence which will recreate the world in the image of global village, by not only encouraging debate, but also provide the public with information.

The agenda of this channel is neutral, unbiased news. It has no hidden agenda and no personal baggage. A channel grows on its reputation and credibility. With its highly dedicated team of reporters, correspondents, journalists and back up of professional technical team, Assam Live TV will strive to leave a trail of credibility in every sphere of its work.