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Astrology in Tamil: Tamil Astrology

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Description of Astrology In Tamil Tamil Astrology Apk

Astrology in Tamil - Tamil Astrology app offers the entire Tamil astrology services on your mobile. The services include daily predictions or daily horoscope, comprehensive Tamil Horoscope based on Vedic Tamil astrology, astrology consultancy, panchanga solutions, marriage matching and many more.

Download this app now, to have a complete Tamil astrology tool on your mobile. Every time you feel the need for expert advice, this app will help you as an accurate astrology guide.

Benefits of personalized Astrology app in Tamil

-Offers your complete astrology in Tamil by date of birth & time.
-Generates your detailed Vedic Horoscope in Tamil
-Special Horoscope in Tamil focusing on specific aspects of your life.
-Personalized daily predictions to plan your day-to-day activities.
-Opportunity to consult the Best Vedic Astrologers in India.
-Gives Transit predictions on the possible changes in the near future.
-Lets you check Marriage Matching.
-Provides daily Panchanga details with Muhurtas.

Find below what this unique Tamil astrology app offers.

-Free Daily Predictions in Tamil
-Detailed Tamil Horoscope
-Astrology Consultancy
-Special Horoscope Reports
-Various Transit Predictions
-Free Marriage Matching
-Free Daily Tamil Panchanga

Daily Predictions
Yes, this app can give your daily horoscope in Tamil! It is based on your sookshma & prana dasas that tell the nature of the next few hours of your life. The app finely analyses each of your sookshma & prana dasas to provide valuable predictions. These predictions with starting & ending timings will be a useful guideline to plan your daily activities.

Detailed Horoscope
The basic tool to study the astrology of your life is horoscope. This app generates your detailed horoscope in Tamil with inclusive calculations & predictions. The report will cover your basic birth features, analysis of 12 bhavas, dasas & apaharas, favourable periods in life, your yogas & their effects, your doshams & their remedies etc. It will be your complete astrology in Tamil by date of birth. It lets you find valuable information regarding your personality, career, marriage, family, education, wealth, health & more.

Astrology Consultancy
This is a very useful feature of the app. It lets you consult renowned astrologers in India which is otherwise difficult. If you are looking for an effective horoscope solution to your problem, then you can use this Tamil astrology app to consult an expert. You can book consultations and make queries to get effective horoscope solutions.

Special Horoscope Reports
Astrology in Tamil offers a variety of premium/special horoscope reports. These include Career horoscope, Marriage horoscope, Wealth horoscope, Yearly horoscope, Gem-recommendation, Numerology report etc. The app gives you access to these reports and assures details of all areas of life. Thus, it provides your complete astrology in Tamil by date of birth!

Transit Predictions
This Tamil astrology app gives you access to Transit Predictions too. These reports study the transit or sign change of a planet (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu or Ketu) and the resulting changes in your life.

Marriage Matching
This feature provides a detailed marriage matching report. You can have a Vedic Astrology based horoscope compatibility check between any two individuals. It analyses the Poruthams, Chovva dosham, Papa-Samyam & Dasa Sandhi.

Daily Panchanga
The daily Tamil panchanga includes these details - Star, Thithi, Karanam, Nithya Yogam, Sunrise-Sunset time, Day & Night duration, Kalidina Sankhya, Rahu, Gulika & Yamakantakalam, Abhijit Muhurtham etc.

Install Astrology in Tamil app to get all your personalized astrology solutions. It’s a complete astrology app for the Tamil community. Why wait? Start getting your free astrology in Tamil on your mobile phone!