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Astroyogi Astrologer Kundli Matching & Horoscope Today APK


Description of Astroyogi Astrologer Kundli Matching & Horoscope Today APK

Astroyogi Astrologer app is one of the bes apps for every service related to Astrology.

You can take astrology lice consultation on this app from one of the most reputed astrologers of India.

You will be able to access following features after Astroyogi Astrologer app download.

  • Daily Horoscopes
  • Psychic readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Numerology Analysis
  • Astrology Predictions

This Astrology app is very simple to use and you can get connected to India's best astrologers sitting at your home through your smartphone.

If you don't feel satisfied with the service for which you pay in the app, you can also claim for money back since the app offers money back guarantee with it's services.

You can do the following things in the app & get answers to any questions you might be having:

  • Do live Chat with an astrologer - The experience you get in a live chat is really great as per the feedback of the users & the claim of the app itself.
  • Talk to astrologers to talk about your personal or professional life.
  • Explore Tarot Card Reader

Some great things about Astroyogi Astrologer app are:

  • It has been in service for users since 2001 & has great repo among the users who have used it already which is very much clear with it's whooping rating of 4.7 & more than 1000k downloads.
  • You can pick your own expert from the following categories:
    • Astrologers
    • Numerologists
    • Tarot Card readers
    • Feng shui experts
    • Vedic Astrologers
    • Vastu experts etc.
  • Consultation fee in this app is very less and you can avail online services sitting at your home starting from 20Rs per minute.
  • Once you have got the consultation, you can review the experience & give the rating to the overall consultation & astrologer which is awesome.
  • You can talk to the experts about anything happening in your life or anything that you want to know about the future. It is really helpful.
  • The experts are online most of the times so that you can avail the best services whenever you need it & from anywhere.
  • All the experts on the app are very much experienced & have great repo among the users.
  • You can go through the listing of Jyotish Acharyas and choose the Pandit Ji to discuss anything you want immediately.

Two of the most common things this app solves are:

Kundli Matching

  • As everybody knows that marriage is one of the most criucial things in everyone's life so it becomes very important to have the right life partner in your life.
  • Astrology Online app makes it easy for you. You can talk to the expert astrologers available on the Astroyogi Astrologer app about the expectations you have for your life partner & they will help you out in finding the right life partner.
  • Once you have the Kundli of the person with which you are planning to get married, you can match yours & their online Vedic Kundli to know if this is the right fit or not.
  • The Kundli Matching experts on the Astroyogi app are awesome & you will be very pleased with your experience on the app taling to these Astrologers.

Horoscope Accuracy

  • Horoscope is one of the most common things that everyone wants to know. But getting the accurate horoscope information is not so easy. It is possible only if you have good experts to tell you about it. In Astroyogi online app, this problem gets resolved because you get the info about KP horoscope prediction on the basis of your birth chart here.
  • You can ask the astrologer for following things:
    • Vastu shastra.
    • Prashna Kundali matching.
    • Remedies for doshas.
    • Vedic astrology.
    • Anything else that is bothering you.
  • You also ge the option to get the astrology consultancy with the best in the field such as:
    • Dr Deepak Joshi
    • Vishnu Shastri
    • Pt Manoj Kumar Dwivedi
    • Dr Neha Pradeep Saini
  • The international users of the app should not be worries about the international call charges since it is taken care by by the consultancy team itself.
  • Your personal information remains confidential in the app and on chat and call records both, your privacy is kept at the utmost prioirty by the app developers of Astroyogi online Astrology App.