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Witzeal Technologies
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Description of Big Cash Apk Apk

BigCash is one of the most popular & exponentially growing Sports Fantasy & Gaming Company in India. The BigCash Apk has been downloaded by more than 2 Crore users already & the downloads of the app are going upwards on a rapid rate.

BigCash is a member of AIGF - All India Gaming Federation, which is an apex industry body for online skill gaming in India.

BigCash is amazing when it comes to a comparison with its competitors.

Salient Features of BigCash APK

BigCash APK has been loved by users because of a lot of things which make it a special app. Let us see all those things one by one so that you don't have a second thought before downloading this app.

  1. 100% Safe & Secure - BigCash apk is 100% safe & secure. All the transactions that are done on BigCash app are totally safe & you can do these without second guess.
  2. Multiple Sports Fantasy Games - BigCash apk has a lot of Sports Fantasy Games available on it. These Fantasy games are available across following 3 sports - Cricket, Football & Kabaddi.
  3. Customer Centricity - The app has been designed with the clear focus on ensuring that the users of the app are satisfied & they get more than what they expected from the app.
  4. Easy to use Interface - The app interface is easy to use. All the games can be seen on the Home screen of BigCash App upfront. These games have been played by more than 2 crore players on the app.
  5. Multiple Games at one place - BigCash apk has some of the most amazing games on it. This is the reason of its popularity. The games are available for a variety of categories. Some of the famous categories are - Sports, Fantasy, Card, Board etc. The famous games list consists Cricket, Fruit Chop, Soccer, Basketball, Ice Blaster, Rummy, Poker, Call Break etc.
  6. BigCash Referral Contest - BigCash also offers the money if you invite someone to Bigcash app & they register themselves on it. On every successful referral & first deposit by your referred friend, 30 Rs is rewarded to you by BigCash App. Not only that, but you also win 25% of the winning of your friend. Isn't it awesome?

How to Play Fantasy Sports Games on BigCash Apk?

To win Fantasy Games on Big cash apk, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Register on BigCash app - You can register yourself on BigCash apk through Google, Phone Number or Facebook.
  2. Select Fantasy Sports Match - You can select the Sports for which you want to select the Match such as Cricket, Football or Kabaddi. Once you have chosen the sports, select the match for which you want to play Fantasy Sports. For example - You can select MI vs CSK IPL 2021 Match of Cricket Sports.
  3. Select the contest - After choosing the Match, select the contest which you want to join. The contest can be free or paid but remember that you don't win anything from a free contest. For the paid contest, you can pay the joining fee & enter the contest.
  4. Create your Team - Now you can create your team of 11 players & choose the Captain & Vice Captain of the team. The team has to be created within the rules mentioned in the app. You are given certain credits & a team can be made by using that much credits only. Also, there is a limit on number of players you can choose from one team & of one kind - like bowler, batsmen etc.
  5. Check your ranking - After the creation of team & joining the contest, you will have to wait till the game ends. Your final ranking at the end of the game will determine how many points your team scored. The one who scores most points gets on the top of the leaderboard. You get rewarded on the basis of your ranking on the leaderboard.
  6. Withdraw your winnings - Once you have won some money from the contest, you can withdraw it. There are a few rules on minimum withdrawal money & the TDS that is deducted form the winnings if it crosses a certain amount limit.

So download the Bigcash APK now & play exciting games & win real money. Please note that the app is not for users who are below 18 years of age & is also not supposed to be used by the users in certain states such as Andhra Pradesh, Odisha etc.