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Description of Collpoll Apk

Upgrade your campus technology. Comprehensive enterprise technology for educational institutions to improve the overall campus experience.

CollPoll is your campus engagement, management, and analytics platform. The platform empowers your institution stakeholders - student, faculty, admin, staff, alumni, and parents with the smart campus technology and creates a unified digital experience in and outside the campus!

CollPoll offers five layers of technology stack:

1. Campus Administration ERP
Comprehensive module for administrators and staff to manage institution - structure, user record database, admission process, fees process, payments, institution calendar, infrastructure, placement, venue booking, and IQAC Faculty feedback management.

2. Academic and Learning Management System
Faculties and administrators can design and manage - academic curriculum, course planner, time-table, examination, grade book, student progress card, e-portfolios, cloud drive, academic calendar, and discussion forums on the CollPoll platform.

3. Workflow automation
Streamline routine tasks & campus services through inbuilt customized workflow, automate workflows to eliminate manual interventions and reduce resource requirements, launch unlimited workflows when required without any additional engineering effort and cost experience

4. Campus Collaboration and Engagement
Console to create and manage - campus communities, events, clubs & chapters, faculty-mentor, gate pass, post-admission pre-joining student engagement, surveys, polls, direct messaging, transport services, issuances, gate pass, visitor’s pass, grievance tool, library services, IT help desk, examination help desk and general administration

5. System of Intelligence
Customized management analytics dashboard to comprehend the data and understand the trends on various parameters - placement, admission, fees, feedback surveys, campus services, among others.

This app is accessible to all the users, registered with our client institutions. If you’re having any problems registering or logging in, please contact CollPoll Support at [email protected]