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Description of Crime Drive Apk

Crime Drive APK has been launched by Kerala Police Department. This app is strictly for Kerala Police usage only. No one else is supposed to use it.

What is DCRB & What it does?

  • District Crime Records Bureau, also known as DCRB's main responsibility is to Collect, Analyse and Disseminate the Crime Data and extract all necessary information from that so that it can be given to the Police Stations by DCRB.

  • Scientific Assistant, Finger Print Bureau and Official photographer work under the DCRB and the primary responsibility of these 3 is to visit the crime scenes for all critical cases with mobile laboratory vehicle and expert advice.

How to use Crime Drive Kerala Police App?

  • For using Crime Drive APK, each police personnel has to enter the PEN number assigned to him by the Kerala Police Department. PEN number is unique & different for each police officer. It is a 6-digit number. After Entering the PEN number, police personnel has to enter the password which has been set by him already.

  • If there is some issue in the password then you can always rest the password. For re setting the password, one has to click on Forgot Password option given on the sign in page itself. Once clicked, the app will ask the personnel to enter the Email Address on which he wants to receive the Password Reset Link.

  • Once Email address is entered, password reset link is received immediately & personnel can click on that to set a New Password for his Kerala Police Crime Drive App. Now the Kerala Police personnel is good to go for using the Crime Drive Kerala Police app.

Crime Drive app download has been appreciated by the Kerala Police department greatly. The usage of the app is immense & it has very high impact because all the crime details are recorded in the app itself.

The app has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people & it has an average rating of 4.3 which is awesome. Those who have been using the app say great things about Kerala Police Crime Drive APK. Some of those app reviews are:

  • Crime Drive APK is useful and user friendly app.
  • It is an apt app for subordinates.
  • Data collection is so simple by using crime drive.
  • Typing the brief of the case is very simple & can be referred anytime later on easily.

So If you are in Kerala Police Department then Crime Drive APK is a must have app for you. So go ahead & Download Crime Drive Kerala Police app now!