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Description of Cuims Apk

CUIMS is the Information Management System of Chandigarh University. This app has been launched by Chandigarh University so that there is proper transparency among faculties, students & all other concerned persons of the university.

Some of the best things about cuims app are:

  • Very fast when compared to the website of Chandigarh University.
  • Downloaded by more than 10000 people already.
  • This has been liked by everyone who has downloaded it. That’s why it has an average rating of 4.2 stars.
  • Size of the app is very less (2.5 MB).

Following facilities are available on cuims app which makes the life of all the students & faculties very easy in this tough time of pandemic:

  • You can check all the announcements here.
  • Functionality to upload Aadhar Card is available on cuims blackboard
  • Admission cancellation & referral forms are available on cuims app.
  • Functionality to upload & review assignments makes it a super awesome app for students & faculties both.
  • Students can check & mark their attendance on cuims chandigarh university app very easily.
  • Club activities can also be checked here.
  • Access to the E-repository of Chandigarh University is a boon for all the students.
  • Access to Library Books.
  • Facility to see timetables of lectures makes it easy to manage time in advance.
  • Students can check the date sheet of exams.
  • Facility to Attempt Mock tests for preparation has also been provided on cuims’ app
  • Student Center is also part of the app where all the students feel connected.

All these things make this app a must-have app for all the students & faculties of Chandigarh University.

Cuims login facility is available for only those who are part of Chandigarh university in one way or another. You have to enter your User ID. You can’t log in to the app without the unique user ID which has been provided to you by the cuims Chandigarh university login department. Actually, this user ID is similar to your registration number.

However, there has been a major issue with the cuims login which has been raised by a lot of students. The issue is that you have to login again & again in cuims. The app logs out once you have closed the app. This is a bit irritating for the students & they have been requesting for the option to save the cuims cu ID & password at cuims student home so that they need not to login every time they open the app.

Cuims Chandigarh university app helps in healthy interaction between all the faculties & students. You remain updated with all the curriculum-related activities and all the queries can be resolved very easily on the app.