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Cursa - free courses with certificate

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Description of Cursa Apk

This application brings together several video lessons totally free so that users can learn in a practical and quick way on various subjects.

Moreover, after attending all classes of the course it is possible to issue a certificate of conclusion.

With it you can save your favorite courses and save what was the last video assisted class of the course so that the user can return from where he left off at any time.

Currently, the Courses for free application offers courses in the following areas:

( Algebra, grammar, physics, biology, history, economics, logical reasoning, literature, sociology, geography, calculus, statistics, chemistry, geometry, trigonometry and philosophy )

( Web development, app development, basic informatics, database, multiplatform programming, IT tools, game development, office pack, UI and UX, networks and infrastructure and software testing )

( English, french, spanish, japanese, chinese / mandarin, german, russian, italian, portuguese and polish )

( Design, marketing, electrician, journalism, mechanical, culinary, sewing, car maintenance and woodworking )

( Management, entrepreneurship, human resources, investments, corporate finances and purchasing managements )

( Nutrition, first aid, anatomy and physiology, physical education, psychology and physiotherapy )

( Guitar, piano, eletric guitar, drums, violin, bass, flute, saxophone and sing )

( Magic and Hypnosis, photography, youtuber, drawing and painting, esthetics, games, massage, astrology, sports, astronomy, political, theather and robotics )

The free courses works as a learning content organizer because it brings together the best courses available on Youtube and organizes them into categories and subcategories, also allowing you to save your favorite courses in a specific area.

You can now sign up for free in the application to save all the progress and history of the courses being carried out, ie even if you uninstall and reinstall our application, your history and certificates are still there.
You can also use the night mode for a better view of the courses at night.

For you who like to read now our app also offers text courses (which remain free), meaning you can study now in two different ways, either with video courses or with text courses. One more thing, don't worry if you can't read the course all at once, the app automatically records what part of the text course you left off, plus you can issue the course certificate read and use the zoom feature to view it. better the page of your course.

The system is also available to be accessed by the computer through the address https://cursa.app/en .

The application courses are updated weekly, if you want your course present or not in the application, send an email to [email protected].