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Dr. Ved (Vedic Astrology): My Personal Astrologer

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Description of Dr Ved Vedic Astrology Apk

1st Question is absolutely FREE! FREE! FREE!!

We are Dr Ved a Vedic astrology application. We are authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal. Our astrology app is a solution for anyone who is seeking accurate personalized astrological reading. When you ask us a question our Vedic astrologers go through a deep calculation and analysis process of the person’s time cycle related to the zodiac, which helps them predict problems before they arise. We are also able to predict different aspects of life including fortune. Our predictions are person specific and vary according to the birth detail. Generic astrology predictions are thing of past, have your predictions customized to your birth detail.

Based on Vedic Astrology, our astrologers predict health, sex horoscope, wealth, family, study, carrier, love, relationship, divorce, child, aura, nirvana, Yodha : power, marriage compatibility & yoga based on the position of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu on different horoscopes and signs in your birth chart.

We cover all the zodiac signs: ♈ Aries, ♉ Taurus, ♊ Gemini, ♋ Cancer, ♌ Leo, ♍ Virgo,♎ Libra, ♏ Scorpio, ♐ Sagittarius, ♑ Capricorn, ♒ Aquarius and ♓ Pisces.

With the FREE to download Dr. Ved Astrology app you'll enjoy:

- Instant access to your personal astrologer anywhere, anytime at your fingertips.
- First Question is FREE!! FREE!! FREE!!. Ask any question.
- user-friendly easy interface - your answer is just a click away.
- Professional Vedic astrologers from Nepal.
- Customer focused customer service.

How Does it work?
-Create a profile with your birth detail.
-Ask a question.
-An astrologer will read your birth details create a chart and make a prediction.
-Purchase additional questions as needed.
-For every paid question you get 100 points, when you collect 1,000 points you get a free question.

There is a scientific fact that the moon and sun movements affect tides and other events. This lends weight to the argument for the science of Astrology. If celestial occurrences affect the earth and nature and plant life, why then would it not also affect human life? The debate continues, but for believers, Astrology is a science, something that can affect their lives and from which they can obtain knowledge of future and past events.

note: To get instant notification on your query, please make sure you add Dr. Ved. app in 'white list' or enable 'Auto Start' from settings.

For more information visit our website: http://drvedapp.com