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dtlms bescom app
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Description of Dtlms Bescom Apk

What is it?

DTLMS BESCOM app is the Distribution Transformer Lifecycle Management Software built by a Bangalore Electricity Supply Company - BESCOM.

What is the concept?

DTLMS BESCOM has been built to reduce transformer failures & the accidents happening due to power cuts across the country. Currently, BESCOM is running this as a pilot project in which 3 lakh transformers implementation has been planned across 8 districts.

How will it be executed?

A database will be maintained in which codes will be affixed for each of the transformers to understand their performance & life cycle. All transformers related activities will be entered into the software by the team of sub-divisional officers.

An external agency has also been appointed to ensure the execution & maintenance of this pilot project.

Why this app?

All information related to transformers will be entered in the BESCOM DTLMS app by the concerned members. They will have to log in to the app. DTLMS BESCOM login is possible only by entering the username & password of the person.

You can mention the failure entries in the app. Modify them. You can check the entries which are being approved and which are pending for approval just by DTLMS BESCOM login.

The dashboard of the DTLMS app gives you a brief idea about all the activities & important things you need to know on a regular basis.