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Dynamic Wallpaper Maker

Real Zhang

Description of Dynamic Wallpaper Maker Apk

You want your wallpaper with the rise and fall of the sun change?

You want to automatically change your wallpaper with entirely determined by you?

You want your live wallpaper power consumption nearly static wallpaper power consumption?

★Dynamic Wallpaper Maker can do it all.

(1) Provide automatic wallpaper changer, power consumption is almost equal to static wallpaper power consumption.

(2) All your creations are saved independently on your phone and won't modify your original image.

(3) Support users to create hd video wallpaper, 2k video wallpaper, 4k video wallpaper.

(4) Support users to create 60 frames of video wallpaper & 30 frames of video wallpaper.

(5) Support users to create GIF wallpapers.

(6) Support users to create Parallax wallpapers.

(8) Provide powerful photo editing tools for your creations.

(9) Use offline without any restrictions, anytime, anywhere.

(10) Audio mode & Loop mode, giving video wallpaper more custom options.

(11) Categories from wave, tree, nature & more.

(12) Offering extremely high quality video wallpapers, 90% of the wallpaper source comes from a compressed version of the 4K video source.

(13) Many of the powerful new features coming in the future.