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Fanfight APK

WCFN Technologies
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Description of Fanfight APK

Fanfight APK is one of the best fantasy Sports platforms of India. By playing fantasy Sports on Fanfight apk, you get the chance to win huge amount of money daily.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is virtual gaming in which users can create their own teams on the app before the actual game & earn points on the basis of how the players perform in the real match. If the players added to the team petform well, chances of getting huge money prizes are high & this prize is pre-defined so you know how much you can earn if you are able to create a good balanced high performing team.

How Fanfight works?

Fanfight is a platform on which users can select players from any Sports to participate in fantasy Sports tournaments. They can create a virtual team to take part in any Sports. Each user can create team from the available players & every player can be added to the team only if the plyer addition to the team is within the rules mentioned for the tournament.

Once a team has been created by the user, he can participate in the fantasy contest. On the basis of players' actual performance in the game, user gets the points. The leaderboard of the contest gets generated once the game has been completed. Users get the reward money on the basis of their standing in the leaderboard at the end of the game.

Prizes for each contest are pre-defined so you can see if you have the probability to get the ROI on the entry fee you are going to pay for that particular contest.

Different fantasy sports in which you can participate are:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Baseball

Features of FanFight APK:

  • More than 6 million users - Fanfight app has made the fantasy sports accessible to more than 6 million players through it's fanfight apk. Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football have been made very popular by fanfight among gamers.
  • Attractive & Friendly app interface - The app is very much user centric & it will be experience by you once you will download Fanfight apk.
  • Amazing user experience - The experience on Fanfight apk is awesome. The app has been created by great developers. You will be able to see a lot of great features in the app which are quite amusing.
  • 100% safe & legal - Fanfight coplies with all State & Central legislation in India to ensure that the users are completely protected & everything they do on the app is 100% legal.
  • Safe Transactions - All transactions on Fanfight app are fully protected. You don't have to worry about any kind of fraud or something. If you earn money in the app, it is yours. If you add money for creating any team, it gets reflected immediately so there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Secure & Private information - In a lot of apps, the user data is not very much confidential but in Fanfight app download, your information is 100% confidential & it will not be shared or mis used by fanfight app developers at any cost.
  • Safe Edit until match starts - You can edit your team till the last moment. If the match has not been started yet but you see that some players of your created team are not playing in today's game then you can edit the team. This feature is very much critical for winning matches & money.
  • PDF of opponents team - You can also download the team list of your opponent & even the captain & vice captain details. This is important because you want to win against them so proper strategy & team is important for that.
  • A skillset game & not gambling - Playing fantasy sports on Fanfight apk is not a gambling thing. It is completely based on how well you can strategize & create your best team so that you are the top contender to win the match & get on top of leaderboard to win exciting money prizes.

You can participate for all IPL 2021 matches on fanfight apk. IPL schedule will be available on the fanfight app & you can make your teams in advance so that you can earn huge amount of prize money in IPL 2021 free live matches.