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Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology
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Description of Fitkvian Apk

FitKVian Application has a list of most popular tests for your convenience. There are over 40 individual tests, with a few tests listed more than once in the list below to make them easier to find.
Fundamental Movement Skills (Age 5-8 Years):

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills through active play and simple activities help in getting young kids (Class I-III) involved in games.

The list of tests for Fundamental Movement Skills (4-8 yrs children) are listed under Locomotor Skills (eg. Running, Hopping, Jumping, Dodging etc.), Manipulative Skills (eg. Catching and Throwing) and Body Management Skills (Balance and Stability).

Physical Fitness and Health Profile (Age 9-19 years)
The Physical Fitness Assessment (9-14, 15-19 yrs children) are of 2 types: Health
Components (Body Composition, Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance

etc.) and Skills-based Fitness (Agility, Balance, Power, Speed, Co-ordination etc.) .

You need to be Partner School to be able to use FitKVian Application for doing Fitness Assessment in your school, and viewing the Fitness Assessment Report of every child. You can track the performance of the entire school, each class and each child over a period of time. Individual Report Cards can be printed for each child and distributed to them.

You will be issued a User ID and Password to access activeconnect and manage your school/academy, and assign trainers/test co-ordinators to take these tests.

With FitKVian Application and access to Active Connect, there is no need for Fitness Test Administrators to capture fitness scores on paper manually, fill in excel sheets for each class and upload these excel sheets to generate fitness report cards.

FitKVian Application lets you take any Fitness Test and tag it with an Athlete by scanning the QR Code on the Athlete's ID Card (generated using Active Connect Application).

Works Offline/Automatic Syncing:
The data captured by each Test Administrator in a school gets synced whenever the phone gets connected to the internet. Till that time, the data will reside on the phone securely. The school information and all student information gets automatically downloaded when the phone is connected to the internet.