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Smile notification apk

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Description of Fixed Smile Apk

Smart tracker FIXED SMILE is the most advanced tracker on the market. In a matter of seconds, it will help you find the item you are looking for - for examples keys, wallet or a backpack.
It cannot be any easier. All you need to do is to connect SMILE with a smartphone app and you will immediately get access to a lot of information.

• Ring the searched item
o Simply open the app and ring the item you are looking for.
• Ring the phone
o Press the button twice and the phone will start to ring.
• Last tracked position
o The last position is clearly visible on the map.
• Notification Settings
o Set the notifications as needed.
• Safe zones
o Choose the zones in which Smile does not need to search.
• Family sharing
o Connecting Smile with other users
• Motion sensor
o Lock Smile and find out when the item moves.
• Night mode
o Choose the time in which you do not wish to be disturbed by the app.

It does not end here. We take care of you with our active customer support that is always ready to help.