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Glance Lite: Preview app for Glance Lockfeed

Glance App

Description of Glance Lite Apk

This is Glance Lite, a preview app for Glance Lockfeed, which comes preinstalled on leading Android phones. With this app you can discover more about Glance Lockfeed.

If you already have Glance Lockfeed enabled on you phone, this app will help you experience it directly. If you have turned off Glance Lockfeed accidentally, this app will guide you on how to turn on Glance Lockfeed.

If you *do not* have Glance Lockfeed, this app will help you discover content and experiences that you love - all in one place in an app environment. Please note that Glance Lite itself is not a lock screen app.

With Glance Lite you can:
* Experience Glance Lockfeed if you already have it enabled on your Android phone
* Turn on Glance Lockfeed if you have turned it off accidentally

If you do not have Glance Lockfeed on your phone, then Glance Lite helps you
* Get content in your favorite language - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc
* Stay on top of everything that you care about with Glance News
* Get your daily dose of entertainment, fashion and humour with Glance TV
* Bring out the gamer in you with 100+ games on Glance Games
* Explore and shop for products as you browse content

Impress your friends and family with what you know, because Glance is the simplest and most beautiful way to learn what’s going on around you. Its stunning visuals and short content make it delightfully simple for you to keep discovering exciting new things. All it takes is a swipe.

With Glance on your phone, you don’t need to search or browse for content. All you need to do is Glance!

Content on Glance is personalized - so that you see what you are interested in. It keeps you entertained and informed, through the day, providing you visual delight and information every time you reach out for your phone.

Next time you are looking for something on your phone, let Glance help you, because Glance is where the internet starts.

Write to us at [email protected] for any feedback, ideas or just to say hello. Happy Glancing!