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Description of Global Mapper Mobile Apk

Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful iPhone and iPad application for viewing and collecting GIS data. It utilizes the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to provide situational awareness and location intelligence for remote mapping projects.

A perfect complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper, the Mobile edition can display vector, raster, and elevation data layers that have been transferred from the desktop version of the software. It also provides tools for drawing, tracking, and form-based data collection using pre-configured attributes and picklists.

The base version of Global Mapper Mobile is free of charge and provides an array of features and functions including:

• Expanded built-in supported vector styles and custom symbols - NEW in v.2.1
• Terrain layer support offering hill shading, terrain shader display as Atlas shader, and the ability to view elevation at a specific location - NEW in v.2.1
• Improved layer transparency setting with a color picker and support for Dark Mode - NEW in v.2.1
• Field access to all GIS data
• GPS-based field data collection
• Digitizing or drawing tools
• Feature attribute management
• Simple and efficient data deployment and return
• Self-contained map storage and display - No data connection required
• Picture point creation from geotagged photos
• Online access to OpenStreetMap Data

Global Mapper Mobile Pro
Developed with today's mapping professionals in mind, the Pro version of Global Mapper Mobile supplements the functionality of the base version with an array of professional-grade tools including:
• Advanced GPS support to connect to external high accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices from vendors such as Bad Elf and EOS, among others. - NEW in v.2.1
• Terrain shader selection/change within the app - NEW in v.2.1
• Enable water level display on terrain data - NEW in v.2.1
• Extensive preconfigured and customizable online data services
• The option to save this streamed data for offline use
• Support for GeoPackage and GeoPDF files
• Advanced projection support
• Support for external GPS receivers
• GPS averaging
• Display of distance and bearing to a location
• Terrain shader options

Global Mapper Mobile Pro is available as an in-app purchase. The license is based on an annual subscription from the date of purchase that can be renewed each year. Enterprise licensing options are also available. For more information, email [email protected].