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Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search

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Description of Google Go Apk

Google Go is the fast version of Google Search. Through google Go download, you can search for anything on the internet at a much faster speed than the normal google search. Some of the brilliant features of this app have been mentioned below

Data Saver

It has been found that Google Go app download has made life easier for those people who have low internet connection. It saves upto 40% of your internet data as the results that are shown in this apk are very much optimized for devices having low internet speed.

Trending search results

You can go to trending search results & get all the latest news google go app without wasting your valuable time & energy.

Voice Search

Google Go app provides the option to search for queries using the voice search option so no need to type anymore. All you have to do is turn the mic on & say the query, you will get all the results related to your query instantly at a faster rate.

Queries suggestions

Google Go apk suggests the queries on the basis of the queries for which you have searched in the past. It also changes the suggestions on the basis of latest trends. This saves you time.

Camera Translate

One of the most cool features of this apk is that you have an option to take the photo of text written anywhere. Once you click the photo, the camera translate option in the app can read out the whole text for you. You can also get the translation of the clicked text in any of the 100 available languages. If you feel like searching for any specific word from the clicked photo, you can tap on it and Google Go will search it for you. Isn’t it cool.

Safe Search

If you want to search for any query which you don’t want to share with anyone else who is using your phone, you can turn on the safe search option given in the app. All your search queries will be safe & won’t be saved in Google Go apk.

Add Apps to Home Page

You can add the apps or websites to the home page for accessing them quickly. In case you don’t have an app installed then Google Go apk opens up the lite page for you which can easily run on low internet connection.

Quick access to trendy GIFs & Images

Since sharing GIFs & images has been part of our daily lives so this app has made sure that you have access to all the awesome ones at your fingertips. These GIFs and Images have been organized in different categories which makes it easy for you to choose. You can always search for any image or GIF on the browser as well.

Language Switch

You can change the language of your search results, suggestions etc in a single tap of switch from one language to another. You can set a secondary language to which you can switch to anytime you want.

If you want to access the internet at a much faster speed then Google Go apk download is the thing for you. Don’t wait, Download now!