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Description of Google Lens Apk

Google lens Apk is one of latest applications which was initially offered by Google Pixel and powered by the Artificial intelligence. This newly developed app has paved the future of the searches and the knowledge generation that happens simultaneously. As the technology has been becoming more and more advanced every year, the scope of getting immediate and immense information has widened.

Google lens Apk is an integrated software app as it uses your smartphone’s camera to capture the picture of the thing or product ; and the search engine of that particular smartphone. It is basically a sort of real-time reverse image-lookup, or, if you prefer, an augmented reality (AR) Google.

Google Lens Apk works a little differently depending on the device you have. On both Android and iOS, it operates from inside the Google Photos app: select any photo, then tap the Lens icon.

Of course, because Google Photos can't actually snap photos itself, you have to perform the extra step of loading your camera app first, taking the picture, then switching over to Photos.

This app is more useful if we are finding for some products online, but we have no idea about its name, features, merits, price and such associated characteristics. The Lens of Google act as eyes accompanied with brain of the system. For example, the Google Lens Apk will help you to find and identify never seen before different types of leaves, butterflies, buildings and so on. As such, it can be your amazing tour guide as you get bundles of information.

Not just that, but this fantastic app also allows the smartphone user to get knowledge of the brands of watches, shirts, umbrellas, food products and so on. As a result, the same tour guide can facilitate to be a Shopping Guide as well.

Another astonishing merit of this app is that, it can evaluate the name and other details of the books just by capturing its cover. Interesting, isn’t it ?

If you are finding difficulty in reading and comprehending a new language, just turn your phone towards that text along with Google Translate and the information will be translated into desired one seamlessly. It can also be used to copy and paste the data just by highlighting the text on your screen .

Want to know more about a building? Or a landmark? During a recent visit to Chicago, I found myself curious about many of that city's architectural marvels. With Google Lens, you just snap a photo and you've got details.

This mind-blowing app can also be used to find reviews of the your favourite restaurants, salons and such locations by just pointing out your Google Lens Apk on it. Simple, isn’t it ? What kind of tree is that? What kind of flower? The botanically curious no longer have to wonder: Google Lens can identify many, if not most, flora. It works on fauna, too, so the next time you take your kids to the zoo and they want to know more about, say, the lizards in the reptile house, put Lens to work. Indeed, Google Lens Apk is one step solution for all your requirements and problems.