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Description of Google Play Store APK

Google Play Store APK is the place from where you can download unlimited apps, games, books & movies for your Android Smartphone. Most of these things are free but some are paid as well. You will be able to find a tons of free things which you are gonna like for sure.

Android Apps - There are lakhs of Android Apps on Google Play Store. The apps are categorized under different categories so that you can choose the category in which you are most interested in & then look for apps in that specific category.

Android Apps Categories:

Here is the list of all the categories of Android apps that are available on Google Play Store app: Art & Design apps, Augmented reality apps, Auto & Vehicles apps, Beauty apps, Books & Reference apps, Business apps, Comics apps, Communication apps, Dating apps, Daydream apps, Education apps, Entertainment apps, Events apps, Finance apps, Food & Drink apps, Health & Fitness apps, House & Home apps, Libraries & Demo apps, Lifestyle apps, Maps & Navigation apps, Medical apps, Music & Audio apps, News & Magazines apps, Parenting apps, Personalization apps, Photography apps, Productivity apps, Shopping apps, Social apps, Sports apps, Tools apps, Travel & Local apps, Video Players & Editors apps, Wear OS by Google apps & Weather apps.

In Android App section, you will be shown the apps in different ways so that you can access the best apps quickly. Google Play Store gives following ways in which you can browse different apps:

  • Apps for you - These are shown on the basis of the apps downloaded by you so far. The apps in this tab are mainly kind of recommended apps as per your interest.
  • Top Charts - In this tab, you can see all the apps which are downloaded most & are trending among other users. You can also see paid apps which are in trend these days. Apart from this, there is an option to filter out the top chart apps on the basis of category of the app so you can filter out apps for the category which you like the most.
  • Apps for Children - In this tab, all the apps which are 100% suitable & safe for children are shown. There are some pre-defined app categories here as well. You can filter out apps on the basis of those categories such as - Action & Adventure, Brain Games, Creativity, Education, Music & Video, Pretend Play etc. There is an option to filter out apps on the basis of child age as well which is super useful.
  • Editor's Choice Apps - You can also find out the apps which have been handpicked by Play Store Editors themselves. These apps are the ones which are very much useful & are perfect in every way possible. If any app is marked as an Editor's choice app then you should download it without second thought. The apps in this tab keeps on changing at regular intervals.

Android Games - Similar to apps, there are a lot of games available on Google Play Store. You can download the games you want by either searching for that if you know the name or you can normally explore tha available Android games in different Game categories listed on Google Play Store app.

Android Games Categories:

Here is the list of Game categories on Play Store: Action Games, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Board Games, Card Games, Casino Games, Casual Games, Educational Games, Music Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Role Playing Games, Simulation Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Trivia Games, Word Games.

There are some tabs In Android Game Section as well. These tabs are almost similar as given in Apps section with only two additional tabs:

  • Events - In this tab, all the new events that are planned for different trending games are shown. These events are available for limited time period & you can set reminders so that you don't miss participating in those cool events & play with other top gamers. Obviously, you will have to download the game for which you want to participate in any event.
  • Premium - In this tab, those games are shown by Google Play Store apk, which are not free 7 you have to pay certain amount of money for accessing those games. For purchasing those games, you can make the payment using any Credit Card or UPIs. As soon as you make the payment, you get the access to the game for lifetime.

Android Books - On google play store, you can find huge number of Books as well. Some books are free & some are paid. You can search for any book by the name or you can check the books given in different tabs as follow:

  • Ebooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Comics
  • Genres of Books
  • Top Selling Books
  • New Releases in Books
  • Top Free Books

Movies - On Google Play Store, you can also watch movies. The movies can be searched or browsed from the given tabs which are:

  • Recommended Movies for You
  • Top Selling Movies
  • New Releases in Movies
  • Genres of Movies
  • Movie Studios

Apart from these, there are plenty of other things which are super helpful for any Android phone user. Some of those are:

  • Google Play Store Account - You can login to Google Play Store from your Google Account & manage all apps, games, movies & books from any phone instantly.
  • My Apps & Games - You will be able to see all apps & games that you have installed in Google Play Store APK separately.
  • Auto Update feature - Google Play Store sends notifications for all new updates that come for your installed apps & games. You can also enable auto update if you want the updates to get installed as soon as them come without permission.
  • Manage all subscriptions - You can manage all apps & games subscription from a single place in Google Play Store APK.
  • Add to Wishlist - You can add anything in Play Store APK to your wishlist & can access all wishlist items from one place in the app. These items can be installed later on when you want.
  • Manage Payment Methods - Add or Remove any payment source in your Google Play account with ease in few clicks.

Thus Google Play Store app download is one thing that should be done by you immediately since it gives you everything you need to run on any android device so don't wait further & download the app now.