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Gruveo - One-Click Video Conferencing

Gruveo Ltd.
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Description of Gruveo Apk

Let customers call you with voice and video without signups or new apps.

Here’s how it works:

1. Customer clicks your Gruveo link
2. A call is started right in their browser
3. You take the call on your favorite device.

With Gruveo for Android, you get real-time alerts for incoming calls and can answer with voice and video. Enjoy in-call text chat, group conversations, cloud call recording and more. The app also lets you join call rooms and call other Gruveo links.

• Get instant alerts about incoming calls
• Answer with voice or video
• Send and receive text messages during a call
• Participate in group conversations
• Use cloud call recording
• Ensure the best possible picture with Selfie Mode
• Join call rooms for quick, one-time calls
• Call other Gruveo links
• View your recent calls
• Add rooms and permanent links to Favorites

A Gruveo account is required to receive incoming calls on your permanent link and organize calls in call rooms.