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Latest News, Headlines, HT Epaper -Hindustan Times

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Description of Hindustan Times Apk

The official app of India’s leading news website Hindustan Times brings you uninterrupted news alerts, breaking news, and latest news from India and the world. Stay updated on the latest in the world of sports, entertainment, business, lifestyle, education, and more. Your unlimited access to a repository of videos, live cricket scores, photo galleries and weather news is just a click away.

What’s in store for you in the HT app?

• Breaking news, top stories, international news, city news and more
• Live updates, top headlines, recent news, daily news
• Full coverage of English news, Hindi news, Punjabi news and more
• Live cricket scores, match schedule, player rankings and all about sports
• Exclusive content from HT Brand Studio, HT Leadership Series

Special features of the app

• Get tutorial on all the app functions to facilitate ease of use and familiarity
• Browse your favorite topic and get customized news feed in your app
• View all recent notifications that you may have missed
• Not interested in general news? Skip to your favorite section
• Turn your location ON to get a separate tab of your city news in the side menu
• View photo and video galleries of your favorite topics and celebrities from the world of Bollywood, Business, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Education etc.
• Mark your favorite stories and read them later
• Share your favorite stories via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Google+ and more using the share feature in our app

Trending News

• Get realtime updates on trending topics such as Election 2019, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Cricket World Cup 2019, Virat Kohli, Salman Khan and more
• Get news in Hindi and Punjabi language as well
• View top leaders’ interviews, speeches; follow global events anywhere, anytime with just a click
• Subscribe to free e-paper to consume news according to your preference

Local News

• Mumbai News – Check out the latest Mumbai news, headlines and breaking news about Mumbai, Mumbai Entertainment news, Mumbai Crime News, local news, education news, Mumbai politics, real-time updates around Mumbai.

•Pune News - Get updates about the latest happenings from the city of Pune. Get real time, breaking news, top headlines and other local news from the city

• Bengaluru News - Get real time updates on what’s trending in Bengaluru. Breaking news, local news, trending news from Bengaluru city. Check out what’s happening in the city’s politics and latest in the field of education, entertainment.

• Gurugram News – Tap to get latest Gurugram news, breaking news, top headlines, Gurugram local news, education news, Gurugram politics

• Delhi News – Check out what’s happening in Delhi today, breaking news, city’s top headlines crime news, local news, education news, Delhi politics

• Patna News – Patna updates are just a click away. Stay updated on Patna politics, breaking news, trending news, local and education news from the city.

• Lucknow News – Latest turn of events in Lucknow, trending Lucknow news, headlines and breaking news, latest in the field of sports, politics and education

• Kolkata News – Get real time alerts from Kolkata, headlines and breaking news from Kolkata, latest Crime News, local news, education news, Kolkata politics

• Jaipur News – Latest news from Jaipur, trending headlines and breaking news, crime and education news from Jaipur and real-time updates on Jaipur politics

Personalized Notifications

• Access to your preferred archival content on the app
• Exclusive content is written specifically in your area of interest

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You can contact us for any app-related queries and suggestions at [email protected].