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Howzat APK

Junglee Games
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Description of Howzat APK

Howzat is an online Fantasy Sports Platform which allows users to play different Fantasy Sports across Cricket, Football & Kabaddi.

Howzat was launched in 2019 by Junglee Games. Junglee Games is one of the best Fantasy Gaming Company in the country. It has a lot of other Fantasy games as well.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is the kind of game which you can create your own team of players & get rewarded on the basis of their performance in the actual game. For example - CSK vs MI IPL 2021 Match is scheduled for 19th Sep 2021. You can create your own team of 11 players combining players from both the teams & choose captain & vice captains. Your ranking in the leaderboard will be updated on a regular interval when the game is in progress. Once the game is over, your final standing in the leaderboard will be shown on the basis of total points earned by you (which is dependent on individual players' performance in your team).

On Howzat apk, you can earn exciting money prizes if you top the leaderboard.

Salient features of Howzat App

  • It has more than 10 Million users on it.
  • The average rating of Howzat app is 4.5.
  • The app is 100% safe & secure to use.
  • You get a chance to beat legends such as Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Suresh Raina.
  • Howzat apk interface is very easy to use.
  • Get welcome bonus of worth Rs 3000 on your first time deposit in Howzat apk Account wallet.

How to make the best team on Howzat App & win?

There is no straight forward way to win on any Fantasy Sports Platform since you don't actually know what is going to happen in the match but you can still take informed decisions & create a combination of team which increases your chances of winning. You can ensure that you are following the points mentioned below:

  1. Always keep a check on pitch report - It can be in favour of batsmen or bowlers so if you know about the pitch already then you can pick the players accordingly in Howzat app.
  2. Always check the weather conditions - Sometimes, the weather plays a major role in the match such as Dew at later stage of the game becomes very critical from bowling team point of view.
  3. Check the previous stats of Pitch to know if it is Bowling pitch or a Batting pitch - From the previous records of the pitch, you get a rough idea that the game is going to be a low scoring match or the batsmen are going to be very critical for the match & you can choose the players accordingly on Howzat apk.
  4. Check the players performance stats - You must check the performance of each & every individual player before picking them in your team since their current form & their past performance plays critical role in the selection.
  5. Choose Captain & Vice Captain strategically - Once you have considered all factors mentioned above, you can take the educated decision on the captain & vice captain selection. This is very important for winning since captain gives 2x & vice captain gives 1.5x points than usual.
  6. Create Multiple teams on Howzat apk - This increases your chances of winning eventually. Since you can join one contest with multiple combination of teams then why not. Join with multiple teams & increase the odds against all.

So the Howzat apk should be downloaded by you without second thought since it has everything you will need in a Sports Fantasy App.