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Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) App

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Description of Kannada Typing Apk

Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) app is an English to Kannada transliteration tool. Type your Kannada words in English and hit/tap space button. This app automatically converts into Kannada script.

App Advantages
* Easy Installation. Start typing immediately
* Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text to other apps
* Light weight app (below 2.1MB)
* Consume less mobile battery power
* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge is not required
* Simply type Kannada words in English and hit/tap space button

After typing your message, hit/tap "WhatsApp" button and Share your message to your friends (or) copy and paste your message at your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,

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