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Description of Kirtan Sohila Apk

Kirtan Sohila path is a night prayer in Sikhism. Kirtan Sohila app has been built so that you can read out the prayer at night. The meaning of the Kirtan Sohila is "Song of Praise". The shabad of Kirtan Sohila path has been contributed by three Sikh Gurus in history:

  • Guru Nanak Dev ji
  • Guru Ram Das ji
  • Guru Arjan Dev ji

This app includes:

  • Kirtan Sohila paath in Hindi
  • Kirtan Sohila paath in English
  • Kirtan Sohila paath in Punjabi

Best things about this app:

  • The app helps you to read Kirtan Sohila path on your mobile phone which is really helpful.
  • You can read out the prayer in Hindi, English or Punjabi.
  • The inerface of the app is really clean & soothing to eyes.
  • You can zoom in or zoom out the paath while reading it using the simple icons given on the screen.
  • You can read the path in horizontal as well as vertical view.
  • The app is absolutely free to use.
  • There are no ads if you download kirtan sohila app.
  • The app has been given 4.8 stars rating by the users & everyone is finding the kirtan sohila shabad download app very useful & easy to use.

So download kirtan sohila paath app now and get the best out of it.