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Description of Learnvern Apk

LearnVern offers 100% Complete Online Courses for Free taught by Expert Trainers in Hindi - This Online Learning App has been trusted by over 200K users and it offers the best Online Classes. Upon Course Completion you will get connected with Jobs and Employers and optionally you can opt for a SkillIndia Certificate which is valid for Jobs and Internships.

Learn Full Course Online

Programming Courses in Hindi - C, C++, Android, Java, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, Ruby, WordPress, ASP.Net, C#, Software Testing, Selenium, Codeigniter, Data Science, R Programming
Mechanical/ Civil Courses in Hindi CREO, Autocad
Designing Courses in Hindi Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS3, HTML5 for Free in Hindi
Business Digital Marketing, MS Excel in Hindi, MS Word

Trusted by millions of students across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh who want to learn in their own language.

Learn Vern offers 100% Free Video Tutorials in IT and Non IT Courses in Hindi. Courses are divided into Beginner and Advanced version for Freshers and Experienced Student. Courses like Python C, Angular JS, Java, PHP, Android, PhotoShop Selenium are available. Learnvern offers ability to download videos for offline viewing, files once downloaded can be shared with friends without internet.

Every course at LearnVern both beginner level and advanced level are all free.

Learn Python : Learn Python Tutorials for Free with Full Live Project and Complete Course. Includes Full Python Course with Theory, practical, Assignments and Project with Full Programming and Coding Examples

Learn Android Tutorial with Android Studio and Android app Development from Beginner to Advance Level and build Live Project apps

Complete Digital Marketing Tutorial for Free with SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing

Learn PHP Tutorial with the best quality free Videos offline learn PHP with MYSQL with Basic to Advance with CI, Wordpress, Magento

Data Science Tutorial will take you from the 101 (fundamentals) to an advance level and get you ready for a data science interview

Software Testing tutorials includes Fundamentals of Testing, Software Testing LifeCycle, Software Testing Models, Forms of Software Testing, Levels of Software Testing, White and Black Box Software Testing, Types of Testing, Defect Management, Software Testing tools, Mobile apps Testing, Live Project, and Software Testing interview question

AngularJS Tutorial and Angular 2 Tutorial includes AngularJS Fundamentals, Data Binding, Custom Directives and Filters in AngularJS, AngularJS Bootstrap, Event Handling in AngularJS, Scopes and Controllers in Angular, Templates and Routing, Dependancy Injection in AngularJS, Angular Forms, Web storage in Angular, Assignments and Projects. And AngularJS Interview Questions.

C Programming app offline Tutorial includes Structure of C Programming, Keywords and Identifiers, variables and Constant in C, Data Type in C, Branching, Looping and Jumping in C, Pointers in C and a lot more

Java tutorial includes all the training modules required to clear a java interview
Javascript Tutorial includes Datatypes, Operators, Conditional Statement, Switch Case, Loop Statement, JS Functions and a lot more.

Wordpress Tutorial includes Wordpress Installation, Post and page Management, Media, Widget, Plugin, Slider, Wordpress User Management, Wordpress CMS, Woocommerce

ASP.Net Tutorial includes Directives, Event Handling, Server Controls, and concepts like Database Access, ADO.Net, Ajax Control etc.

C++ Tutorial Programming with theory practical
Photoshop Tutorial Course
Html5 Tutorial with examples
CSS Tutorial offline
Illustrator Tutorials
C# Tutorial
Selenium Tutorial
Free Autocad Tutorial in Hindi includes how to Draw 2D & 3D Drawing design using all Autocad Commands and Features. Autocad is used by Professionals in the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineering students

Live Project for Btech students with Internship Certificates