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Letterhead Maker - Letter Writing Templates

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Description of Letterhead Maker Apk

Letterhead Maker - Letter Writing Template will help the for business owners, Students, Employees, job searching candidate and customers etc. (We have some letter samples but you can select them and edit it)

If you are looking for a formal letter writing, then this Letterhead Maker - Letter Writing Templates app is for you. It is also used as invoice maker. You can create invoice simple in just few minutes.

These letter samples will help you in making:
- Job offer letter,
- Business inquiry letter,
- Thank you letter,
- Business invoices,
- Business proposal letter,
- Job application letter,
- Complaint letter,
- Order request letter, offer rejection letter
- Apology letter,
- Order cancellation letter

* How to create and set company letterhead?
- Enter all the required fields for profile to create letterhead (Company Name, Designation, Email, Address, Phone, Website, Fax No, Tax No)
- Select the letterhead format
- Edit the letter according to your convenience
- Generate & Save the letterheads in pdf format, share as email attachment
- App Provides common letter formats for various type of letter such appointment letter, Business Proposal, Invoice, Performance Appraisal Letter, Thank you letter, Contract Offer Letter
- Business Letterhead Maker, Business Letterhead Templates
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