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Liquid Teardown - Battery AOD

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Description of Liquid Teardown Apk

Liquid Teardown app has been built to give you the freedom to charge your phone in the coolest way possible. You get the awesome power to see all the internals of your phone while your phone is getting charged.

In every app update, support for new android phone devices is provided by the developer of Liquid Teardown Apk. Recently the developer has provided the option of Universal in the device selection option.

Downloading this app & customizations in teardown download is very easy.

You can customize following things in the liquid teardown apk:

  • Choose Device - Liquid Teardown pro apk comes with support of a lot of devices but due to new phone launches on a regular basis, it takes time in giving the support of the latest phone device.

    Currently, the liquid teardown apk download comes with the support for the following companies phones - Samsung, One Plus, Google, Xiaomi, LG. But no need to worry, if your phone is not in the devices list, you can always choose one of the 3 options provided in Universal device type:

    • Liquid Screen display
    • Rectangular display
    • Circular display
  • Battery Colour - There are a lot of awesome colours available. You can choose whichever colour suits you. By default, white colour is provided for this.

  • Battery Percentage Colour - You can also select the colour of battery percentage in teardown download android.

  • Enable Notifications - If you want to enable notifications at a glance, the notification listener service access needs to be enabled. Enabling it means giving the power of reading & managing notifications to liquird teardown battery aod apk. So it's up to you if you want to give the app that much of power.

You can see the preview of the latest changes being done by you before implementing final changes in teardown download apk.

Need help in teardown apk setup for your phone?

You can check out the help center in which all the frequently asked questions related to teardown download for android have been mentioned by the developer.

Not able to find your phone in teardown apk android phones list?

You can request for it & soon the support for your requested phone model will be added in this app.

What is in liquid teardown premium apk?

You can purchase premium version of teardown apk to enjoy liquid teardown forever. You need to download teardown apk & buy the premium version at one-time fee. After paying this fee, you get access to:

  • Custom made phone internal AOD (Always on Display)
  • At a glance notifications
  • Customizable look to fit your style

You get all of these features for a lifetime if you go for teardown apk download android for premium version. Charging your phone has never been more stylish so don't wait & download the app now.