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Mindhouse - Modern Meditation

Guided meditation in studio and app
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Description of Mindhouse Modern Meditation Apk

Mindhouse is a gym for your mind. We offer a variety of scientifically backed modern meditation and yoga live sessions on our app and physical studios. Regular practice of our classes helps achieve increased productivity and results in benefits like better sleep, improved focus, more patience, and a more relaxed mind & body.

Based on your selected goals, the app recommends the right set of classes for you to attend and helps you book and manage them. There are numerous “anytime sessions” on the app that include guided meditations, work from home (WFH) productivity tools, yoga videos, breathing exercises, calming music tracks and much more.

Your journey with us is goal oriented, so you can watch your progress towards your chosen goals over a period of time as you continue to use Mindhouse.

Our studios are located in Delhi NCR. The calming aesthetics of these spaces will put your mind to ease as you settle into your preferred form of mental workout.