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Mindvalley: Learn and Evolve from the best courses

Mindvalley Inc.
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Description of Mindvalley Apk

Welcome to the new Mindvalley app, the world's leading education platform where you will find the best online courses in personal growth and self development.

★★★★★ on TrustPilot
As mentioned in Forbes, New York Times, TIME, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc and more.

Powered by cutting-edge learning technology, the Mindvalley app brings you a variety of classes and free lessons aimed for self improvement. All our masterclasses, programs and courses are designed to help you achieve the fullest potential of your mind, body, soul and career. With key topics such as Leadership, Productivity, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Public Speaking, Mindfulness, Happiness, Spirituality and more, Mindvalley is your one stop centre for personal development in all areas of life– your very own personal growth coach on the go.


What can you expect from the Mindvalley app?
Free Masterclasses on a variety of topics
Personalized learning curriculum based on your goals
Powerful insights in bite sized videos for people on the go
• Gain access to world class coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, etc.
Connect and learn with like-minded people from all around the world
• Easy navigation for a seamless learning experience
• Scientific learning design and methodology

How you will transform with the Mindvalley app?
• Increase productivity and improve performance at home and work
• Learn to develop and live a healthier life with nutrition and fitness
• Discover and find happiness, purpose and fulfilment
• Reclaim your life and purpose, and increase impact in this world

From applicable skill building, intermittent fasting, fulfilment and purpose, to hypnosis therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mindvalley's courses are powered by our revolutionary learning platform which combines community and daily learning to transform your life and daily habits.


So... what's inside?

⭐️ Mindvalley MASTERCLASS
Now available on the app, Masterclasses are FREE online courses that aim to deliver the most value and impact in a single video. Each Masterclass covers key areas of a specific topic, and is delivered by a Quest trainer. If you wish to further pursue a Masterclass training, subscribe to our All Access plan to gain unlimited access to Mindvalley Quests.

⭐️ Mindvalley QUESTS
Master a new skill from home (or anywhere, really) from legendary teachers, leaders and experts. These online learning programs are designed to guarantee lifelong changes.

Gain full access to Mindvalley's best programs, training sessions and strategic advices from world renowned experts with the All Access subscription. Accessible at anytime, anywhere.

⭐️ Mindvalley MENTORING
Hosted by Mindvalley's founder and New York Times' bestselling author, Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley's Mentoring programme offers you leading-edge online trainings from the world’s best teachers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Over 100+ hours of curated online mentoring sessions for better success in health, fitness, love and relationships, parenting, business, career growth and more.


Subscription plans in app are processed via your Play Store account and will automatically renew under Google's terms and conditions. All in app purchases on your Mindvalley account will adhere to Google Play Store's payment, subscription and refund policies. You can manage your subscription plans in your Play Store account settings.

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