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Mini IELTS Speaking Lite

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Description of Mini Ielts Speaking Lite Apk

Mini IELTS Lite is the free version of Mini IELTS. For the full experience and unlimited practice topics download the full version in the store today!

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the real test by practicing and perfecting your speaking fluency and confidence.

*Please uninstall this version before installing the regular app

- Each section of the test feature topics and questions that are very similar to official IELTS test.

- The lite app offers you only 3 topics, a good start point, but there is much more to talk about in the regular app! The regular version of the app features 30 discussion and presentation topics – get ready to discuss on a wide range of topics, just the same as the official test.

- To help the user maximize the amount of speaking time available in the test, each question and response has a recommend time limit. This will enable the user to get used to the time pressures of the test.

- Take a break after each part and review your progress, your responses will be recorded. Playback, listen and check your English. What do you need to improve? Regular app only*

- If you want to quit and try again, then go back to the start! You can quit and return anytime.

- Even if you are not taking the test anytime soon, use Mini IELTS to perfect your speaking fluency and presentation skills, keep your English communicative ability sharp at work, in school or in your daily life.

- Featuring information and tips translated into Japanese, Chinese & Indonesian

For more information please contact: [email protected]