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My11Circle APK

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Description of My11Circle APK

What is My11Circle App?

My11Circle is certified by Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports. My11Circle is a Fantasy app & everyone fantasy games these days.

What is Fantasy Game?

Fantasy game is basically a game in which anyone can select some players & create his own team. When the game starts in real, the points are rewarded to the players on the basis of their performance. Once the game ends, a leaderboard gets generated & you ge the prize money on the basis of your position in the fantasy league leaderboard.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App screens & features

  • Real Matches
    • In this section, you can check all the upcoming, live & completed matches.
    • Completed matches details are important because you can see what was the performance of each of the players in any particular match.
    • Live Matches are shown at one place so that you can check how your players are performing on a real time basis.
    • Upcoming matches can be checked & teams can be prepared in advance for those matches so that you don't miss participating in the contest at the last moment.
  • Cash Contests
    • In each of the matches, you can see available Cash Contests. Cash Contests are those contests which have some enter fee & have prize money associated with it. Complete details about the prize money distribution on the basis of leaderboard ranking can be checked.
  • Practice Matches
    • Not all the matches have entry fee. You can join practice matches if you don't want to pay some money for joining a contest because you are new & just want to give it a try.
  • Private Contests
    • One of the best thing in My11Circle app is that you can create or join private contests. Private contests are those contests which are not shown to everyone on the app & people can join these contests only if they have the invitation code. These contests are created by people who want to play the contests with their family or friends only & not with anyone unknown. This is very popular contest type among my11circle app users.
  • My Matches
    • In this section, you can check out all the matches in which you have participated. The live, upcoming or completed matches can be checked easily.
    • Checking my Live Matches gives me the idea about the real time performance of players while the match is getting played in real.
    • My Upcoming matches at one place helps me in changing my team before the match gets started.
    • My completed matches at one place helps me in analyzing the players performance in recent matches.
  • Add Cash in My11circle apk
    • You can add cash to my11cirlce wallet in advance so that for joining any contest, you don't have to add money at the last minute which might delay your participation in the contest.
    • This feature is great since the amount added in my11circle wallet is safe & due to the money in wallet, you can join any contest in one click as the entry fee gets deducted from the wallet automatically once you join any contest.
  • My11Circle Videos
    • There is a section of videos in the my11circle apk. You can watch cricbuzz videos, Saurav Ganguly Motivational videos for upcoming matches, my11circle winners testimonials, winners videos who beat Saurav Ganguly team.
  • Refer & Earn
    • You can refer people to install my11circle apk. Everytime someone joins my11circle apk, you get Rs 500 once they join any paid contest.
  • Promotions
    • In promotions section, you can see all the promotions that are active in my11circle app.
  • Menu
    • All the other options such as - My account, transactions, Bonus Summary, Withdrawls etc can be found in the More menu section of my11circle app.

Benefits of My11Circle Fantasy Cricket app

  • Join any cricket match on the go
    • Joining the matches is very simple. All you have to do is open my11circle apk, select the match & join the contest with the best suited winning team.
  • Play real matches with the players you want
    • You get the chance to play the matches with 11 cricket players. You can choose any 11 players who are playing the match. You have to follow the mentioned rules.
  • Great user friendly app interface
    • my11circle app has been created by keeping the users in mind. the user interface of my11circle is pretty awesome. You will surely like it.
  • 100% secure & safe transactions
    • All the debit & credit transactions on my11circle are complete safe, confidential & secure.
  • Join practice Games & become expert
    • You get the awesome feature of joining the practice matches before joining any paid contests in my11circle.
  • Win real cash
    • One you feel confident enough to participate in paid contests, you can join any contest as per your wish & beat others to win prize money.
  • Avail cool offers & promotions
    • In my11circle apk, a lot of offers & promotions are running always. You can check those out.
  • Smooth & effortless experience
    • The experience on my11circle is great. The app runs smoothly. It doesn't occupy much space. The dashboard of the app is very much clean & intuitive.

How to play Fantasy Cricket on My11Circle?

Step by Step procedure to join any cricket contest on My11Circle apk is as follows:

  1. Register yourself on my11circle app
    • You need to do my11circle login if you want to play fantasy cricket on it. You can login using your email address / Facebook account or your mobile number.
  2. Pick any match
    • Once you have logged in, you can choose any match which is upcoming & you want to participate in it because you think you can win this match by creating a perfect team.
  3. Create your team
    • Now since you have chosen the match, you need to create a team which is best suited to score most number of fantasy points for you.
  4. Join Contest
    1. Practice Contest - These matches don't have any fee. You can join these for practice.
    2. Cash Contest - These are paid contests. You can join by paying entry fee & get the chance to win even higher prize money by creating the best team.
    3. Private Contest - These contests are not visible on app & can be joined only by using the invitation code which is sent to you by your family or friend member.
  5. Monitor your players' performance
    • Now you can enjoy the match & see how your selected players are performing because their performance is gonna win you points & reward prize money.

So, don't wait anymore. My11circle app download now!