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Description of Myperfectice Apk

Practice makes you perfect - The mantra behind Perfectice.

It is an online platform for students to take the tests and teachers to create those tests - all examinations covered. Perfectice provides students insight into their preparation and performance using advance data analysis. Students can see their strength and weakness by subject and topics, compare themselves at national and international level, understand their improvement over a period of time, find test taking pattern, access wide variety of practice tests and get a clear picture on speed as well as accuracy.
The more you practice, more you will know about yourself and better you will become - that's how Perfectice helps you.

It is a marketplace for teachers and publishers to market & sell their practice tests. They can sell, give free or share in private mode with certain students. Teachers can also precisely monitor the performance of their students and personalize teaching style/material accordingly.

Perfectice also connects to parents who can peek into the child's performance and help him/her effectively. Parents can have more meaningful and effective discussion with the child and their teachers - seek personalized coaching for the child.

The power of Perfectice is in your hand - anytime, anywhere. this is not there yet, so we should put this later.

Any school, coaching institute, students, parents, independent teachers and mentors can benefit from this application from day one.