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NOKA: Chat Globally And Share Your Life

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Description of Noka Apk

NOKA allows you to chat global friends and share your life with them.

NOKA the platform to help you chat with globally, do live chat and learn foreign languages with them.You’ll see it’s so simple and easy to chat with globally and exchange languages. Don’t Wait! Just download and open NOKA right away!.

Key Features:

◾Live Chat by a Simple Click & Share life with Friends
You can have live chat with friends and share interesting things in recent life and the new vocabulary learned recently.

◾Incredible Filters & Beauty Effects
Filters and effects will be applied automatically in every live chat and live chat. They will definitely make you more stylish when you live chat with friends!

Privacy Policy:
- In NOKA app, all personal information is securely stored. Information other than what you write publicly on the profile cannot be seen by other users.
- Please take caution when delivering sensitive information, because you are responsible for the information you provide to the other party once you connect through NOKA.
- Sexual, pornographic, or nude behaviors are not allowed and users generating them will be immediately banned.