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Ornate for KWGT Pro

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Description of Ornate For Kwgt Pro Apk

Jazz up your homescreens with minimal yet beautiful widgets from Ornate KWGT.

This is not a stand alone app. It requires :

KWGT Pro - https://bit.ly/2gNKmrO

Due to some new projects I won't be able to update this app weekly. The app as of now contains 75 widgets and it'll only be updated when I get some time and inspiration. Hope you understand. Thank You !

How to use it :

1. Download Ornate KWGT along with KWGT and KWGT Pro
2. ‎Long tap on your homescreen and click on widgets
3. ‎Choose a KWGT Widget
4. ‎Tap on the widget, go to the installed tab and click on Ornate KWGT
5. ‎Choose a widget of your choice
6. ‎Enjoy !

In case the widget is not of the right size :

1. Open KWGT and click on the widget not sized properly
2. ‎Go to the layer tab and adjust it with the scale option given below

If you happen to like my work you can donate me here via PayPal - paypal.me/pratik07

A special thanks to -

For constant support

If there's any enquiry or problem feel free to contact me :

Mail - [email protected]
Telegram - @thepratiksrivastava
Twitter - @prativastava