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PAGO - Gacha Life,Gacha Club,GLMM,Voice Chat Room


Description of Pago Apk

PAGO is the newest version of Qwikmatch. In this version, you can find a lot of new features and fun, such as live chat, voice chat, chat room and make new friends. Download PAGO Now and find your voice!

About Gacha Life
PAGO is the best place to Gacha Life Chat with friends from around the world! You can share your OC, talk with your favorite GachaTubers, or even start a Gacha Life Voice Chat!

PAGO is a social voice chatting app where you can livestream to show your life, meet with new friends and play games together, showcase your talent, interact and send virtual gifts in your favourite chat room.
If you are a gaming lover, music fan or socialite, just join in PAGO and chat with your friends and family! We are ready to welcome you to chat with us!

Go live and join live voice chat room.
Sing? Musical instrument? Have any hidden talents? -Show off your talents.
Get followers, gain fans, receive gifts, make money and become an idol to many.

Join Group Voice Chat Room
We have an active community, and millions of talented broadcasters, singers, musician, comedians, and more.
Create a group voice chat room for FREE, and join in group talking room.
Here you can enjoy free voice and free video in our live room.

Free Join Seat to Chat

Create a group voice chat with up to 9 people in our Multi-voice Room.
No more loneliness. Want to meet new people, enjoy chat rooms, make friends or join seat to chat? PAGO can match you with locals around you or with people from all around the globe.
Talk about life, sing along, or simply chat, voice call in different languages with people in live chat room.


Share your life, show off your talents, gain gifts and become a popular KOL star in PAGO.
Also in Hotspot, it’s easy to get the latest news about PAGO chat, PAGO Live and PAGO superstar.
Share your moments with your friends, chat with friends or chat with strangers too!

Chat Game? Yes, We Do.

Connect and match with new friends to play games online in PAGO.
There are a variety of entertaining games in PAGO Live. More than 50 games which you can play with friends for free.
When you are in private chat room with your friends, invite them to play mini games together!

Special Features.
Leaderboard is coming! Go live chatting to show your charm.
Be the top of daily ranking, weekly ranking and monthly ranking so that everyone can find you easily and enjoy more fun in your room.

Rides, frames and badges are on the way. You can easily buy them on shop to become the famous superstars! You will stand out from other people.

Become VIP and show others your value by getting extra features. Like badges, video call and voice call.

Join us.
Would you like to enjoy voice chatting in PAGO?
Would you like to chat with your friends? Or chat with strangers?
Would you like to show your chatting talent?
Come on and join us now!

Your feedback helps us improve PAGO. Any questions about chatting? Please contact us as follows:

Official website: https://www.pago.group
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PAGOGlobal/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pago.global/
Email: [email protected]