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Pharmarack Technologies Pvt Ltd
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pharmarack retailer app
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Description of Pharmarack Retailer Apk

Pharmarack is a mobile (android) and web application connecting distributors and retailers. PharmaRack has 2 modules – Pharmarack-Distributor and Pharmarack-Retailer. With Pharmarack-Retailer App, you can do anytime and anywhere ordering. Pharmarack-Retailer is a business enabler which helps you to optimize your resources, increase productivity and eventually grow your business.

PharmaRack Retailer Benefits
1. No more wastage of money on telephone calls
2. Real-time Stock availability to 100% order confirmation
3. Zero Leakages (No more typing errors Nor miscommunication errors)
4. Once order is punched, bill is directly generated in your distributor’s billing software
5. Faster execution