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Description of Phonecopy Apk

Are you looking for a reliable, versatile and easy way to back up data (contacts, SMS and photos)? Have you got a new mobile phone or do you need to synchronize your data to multiple devices? Then this application is the right one for you!

Phonecopy.com is a unique way to backup and synchronize your data. You will never lose your valuable data!
Phonecopy.com works for most types of mobile phones, whether it is a smart phone or an old button phone without an operating system.

You can not only securely back up your data, edit, categorize and archive it on your profile in the Internet browser (at any time and on any computer or other device) but also you can recover the deleted data from the archive and upload it back into your phone. All changes and new items will be clearly displayed.

With the auto-sync set up you do not have to worry about anything - your data will always be actual, relevant and stored on our secure servers and you only get a short notification that everything is in order.

PhoneCopy.com provides:
- Automatic or manual contact backup/ restore and synchronization, SMS and photo back up
- Transfer your backup to another device
- Synchronization between multiple devices
- Deleted data archive
- Access to your data and more advanced features through the PhoneCopy.com website

Phonecopy.com is an unbeatable way to manage your contacts providing you:
- Automatic or manual backup
- Contact categorization (eg. Private/ corporate, by client, groups of people)
- Deleted data restoration
- Editing, merging or mass change of contacts, duplicates removal
- Export contacts from Thunderbird or in a vCard form from Gmail or Outlook
- Import contacts into Thunderbird or Salesforce
- PhoneCopy Connect - Social network maintaining the interconnected contacts always up to date


Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry 10, even with older Firefox OS phones. In addition, you can synchronize your Windows, Linux or Mac OS.


In the case of personal usage purposes is a Free version designed *. In case you use PhoneCopy for commercial purposes or on a business phone, you must purchase a chargeable version.


- Free version does not fully support all functions
- On Android we currently synchronize contacts, text messages and images.
- Different applications use different formats for the date. We do not support all of them.
- PhoneCopy does not support the date of birth without a year.

In case of problems, please contact our support team by email at: support@phonecopy.com and describe your problem or how we can help you.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @phonecopy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhoneCopy.cz
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhoneCopy
The current image guidance: https://www.phonecopy.com/cs/pages/how_to_backup_contacts_from_android

* For a free account the limit of 500 contacts applies