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Plain Color Wallpapers Solid color wallpapers


Description of Plain Color Wallpapers Solid Color Wallpapers Apk

Color wallpaper is used to set plain color or solid color wallpaper.
you can generate you choice colors and can set them as wallpaper.
There are many beautiful features available in this colorful App.

Color wallpapers is created for color lover people.
This color wallpaper app provides plain color wallpaper (solid color wallpaper).

Using plain color wallpaper you set any shade color in wallpaper.
you can match the color with your surroundings and with your dressing also.
Even if you like any color from your surrounding you can grab the live color using the color grab feature provided in the color wallpaper app.

Just move your phone camera towards the desired color area. It will give you the exact color with its color code.

Also you can set plain color wallpapers by making your choice color using the Red Green Blue (RGB mixer) mixer feature.
Also lots of default plain colors provided in the app. You can also make your favourite colors list and set them as plain solid color wallpaper.
Incase you have color birds or animals or wallpaper image and you want to take colors from that image you can easily take desired color from your desired image or wallpaper.

extract beautiful colors from images.
Only 1.5MB plain color wallpaper app and everything included.

Color wallpaper has following best Features included.

1. only 1.5 MB size
2. Thousands of Default Solid color wallpaper
4. RedGreenBlue Color Mixer
5. Take colors from Palettes
6. Take colors from your captured Photos
7. Grab colors from live worlds around you
8. All the Material color wallpaper
9. Make your Favorite colors list
11. Hex color codes of any Color
12. Automatic color wallpaper change

Plain Color Wallpapers;
Solid Color Wallpapers;
Color Codes;
Hex Codes;
Color Mixer;
RGB Mixer;

Using this app you can match your dressing colors with your mobile color wallpapers. While traveling you can take any photo and take color from it. For graphics designers this app provides color codes easily. Provided default millions of Solid Plain color wallpapers.

Make you favorite colors list.
Kids can learn Colors using this app, they enjoy color paint in this app.

Grab live Color wallpaper is unique feature this app contains.
Jut keep your phone in front of any scene or person or image and get the live color pixel colors.

Most important is the size of color wallpapers app. It is only 1.5MB.
And No banner Advertise.

It is a color HD provider, color Wallpapers manager, color codes generator, colors maker, colors HD, You can set plain color Wallpapers further solid colors maker and HD colors wallpaper set easily.
Easily make all colors. Also there are different color pellets. It make your phone full of colorful Wallpapers.
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