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POC Bible (Malayalam)

Jesus Youth
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Description of Poc Bible Malayalam Apk

*v1.2 (updates):
- Added zoom controls on each screen to adjust font size.
- 'Move to sd card' feature added.
- Facebook Integration: Long press on any verse to post the verse with your message.
- UI for ldpi & mdpi screen devices updated

*v1.1 (updates):
- Acts of the Apostle empty content fix
- App Min version required raised to API level 8

First of its kind of Malayalam Bible on Android!
Has features like:
* Easy Tab based navigation for Books, Chapters & Verses from one screen
* Traverse through each chapters & verses with ease through our prev & next icons.
* Pre-embedded Malayalam Keyboard for verse search functionality
* Even supports english book, chapter & particular verse search functionality too

Coming soon:
* Bookmarks & notes
* Send verse as SMS,
* Post Verse via Twitter, etc..

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