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Description of Selfieera Apk

Selfieera is a free social networking app available for Android now. Selfieera is a platform where user can post selfie, photo and video. Post can like, dislike, lol, love and cute by users.
User can update about relationship as well. In Selfieera, user can fill Selfie book about home contact, office contact, website, Dating,Relationship. User can send Selfyer and autograph request to other user and autograph list will be listed in the Selfie book.


-NO FEES*: Selfieera uses your phone's Internet connection(2G/3G/4G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you make post, stream videos, so you do not have to pay for uploading the posts or streaming videos and there is no subscription fee to use Selfieera.

Note- Selfieera is patented software of Selfieera Pvt Ltd. If any organization shall try to build pirated version of Selfieera or replica of Selfieera or any same tools , it will be violation of Selfieera policy under the government of India law.