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Sharara Video - Short Video APK

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Description of Sharara - Short Video APK

Features of Sharara APK - A Short Video Social Community

  • Short Video App - Sharara is a short video app similar to Tik Tok, Snack Video, MX Takatak, Likee, Chingari, Roposo etc.

  • Indian App - Sharara app is an Indian app & is very popular among Indians now a days because of the great features of this app.

  • No Ads - In Sharara apk, you won't have to watch random ads which are shown in all other video clips apps & waste your time. This app is made for total entertainment purpose of users so they don't prefer showing Ads & ruin user experience.

  • Massive downloads - It has been downloaded by more than 10 Million users already & they are loving it. Sharara app download is choice of a lot of influencers these days.

  • 10+ Languages - Sharara App is available in 10+ languages. The videos can be watched in Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi & more.

Endless stream of short videos

  • Unlimited awesome short videos - In this app, you will be able to watch a lot of short video clips for hundreds of categories. Be it gaming, comedy, food, romantic, status videos, love songs, shayaris, memes, funny videos, DIY, trending videos, ASMR and every possible category you can think of.

  • Like, comment or share videos - If you like any video, you can click on like button so that the creator feels great & the app developers also know what kind of videos do you like. The Sharara app algorithm works similar to tik tok app. It will automatically adjust your feed with similar kind of videos which you will like without doubt. You can also comment on the videos & get engaged with other people. A lot of times, you can relate to a video so much that you want your friends and family members to see that video too. For this, you can share the video in a single click so that no one misses out anything.

  • Personalized Video feed as per your interests - Sharara Video app has worked on it's algorithm pretty well which allows the app to show you the videos which you are gonna love for sure. They show you the next video on the basis of your favourite categories selected by you, videos liked by you, videos shared by you & most importantly how much you were engaged with a video. This way, you will never feel like you want to put your phone down because it is that much entertaining in Snack Video apk.

  • Learn daily through fun videos - Video apps are not for entertainment purpose only. You can watch a lot of videos which are gonna help you a lot. For example - there are lots of English speaking tips, fashion sense tips, DIY videos, cooking videos, investment basics videos & a lot more other informational videos from which you can learn in a very engaging manner.

  • Available in multiple languages - One of the best things about Sharara Video app is that you can select any language of the app as you like. Once you will login to the Sharara Snack video app, you will be given the option to choose the language in which you want to see the videos & it will adjust the video feed for you on the basis of selected app language. Isn't it cool?

  • Get inspired & be famous - A lot of people have become famous on Snack Video & Tiktok Video app by making the entertaining videos on a regular basis. You can also do that. Watch the videos of the category in which you are most interested in & see what other people are doing in the videos, take inspiration from those videos & come up with some unique style & create your own identity through engaging videos. Show your talent to the world.

  • Make friends - As you know that a lot of youngesters are already on Sharara, Snack, Tiktok app, you meet a lot of new interesting people on this app daily & you can make new friends here easily.

  • Famous influencers Videos - Watch latest videos of influencers like Manjul Khattar, Gima Ashi, Khushi, Angel Rai, Aashika Bhatia, Lucky Dancer & a lot of other

Opportunity to get famous

  • Create your own cool videos - In Sharara Snack Video app, there are a lot of tools to help you create short video clips with ease. So what are you waiting for. Millions of people are creating videos daily. It's your turn now. Show the world who you are.

  • Awesome video tools - The tools that you get in Sharara Video App for video creation & editing are perfect. All you need is a basic concept of exactly what kind of video you want to make & then it will be very easy to do that through these tools.

  • Pause anytime while recording - There are a lot of times when you are shooting a videos clip & there is a mistake so you have to shoot the complete video again & again from start but in case of Sharara Video app download, you can pause the video immediately & resume shooting from the place where there was a mistake. You can merge the two video shoots together once all shoots are done. Isn't it awesome?

  • Video Editing made easy - You can trim your video clip, cut it anywhere you want, merge multiple videos together and duplicate a video clip any number of times as you want in a single short video. All of this possible in Sharara short video app itself & it is pretty easy to do.

  • Huge variety of quality Background music - EDM, Pop, Rock, Country, Rap, Hip Hop and all other trending music tones for any kind of video you want to create.

  • Bunch of Special Effects, AR objects & filters - You can add special effects to your videos, apply filters, add emoticons, smileys & stun the audience with your cool editing & animation skills.

Famous Video Categories on Sharara App are

  • Fun Music Video
  • Lip sync Video
  • Cooking Video
  • Dialogue Dubbing Video
  • Real Celebrity Video
  • Entertainment Video
  • Beauty Video
  • Dance Video
  • Singing Video
  • Tech Video
  • Jokes Video
  • Trick Video
  • Lip-Sync Dubbing Videos
  • Comedy Video
  • Bollywood Video
  • Fashion style videos
  • Trending Videos on Instagram
  • Funny video download
  • Video Songs
  • Wishes
  • Love quotes
  • Status Video
  • Good morning quotes
  • Good night messages
  • Shayari
  • Video Clips
  • Memes
  • Bhakti Gana Video
  • Look Good-Feel Good Videos
  • Beats videos

5 star reviews of Sharara Video Apk

No words......mind blowing app.....I wish that I should give 6 star ......????try it once plz??
~ payal munda has rated 5 star on December 30, 2020
Video qualtiy is very good. The transition between videos are so smooth. There is no buffering of video. The app feels cool.
~ Chhatrasal Singh Bundela has rated 5 star on October 4, 2020
Same as Tiktok, chingari and short videos quality too good. Best replacement for tiktok for short video app
~ Prasad Erande has rated 5 star on September 22, 2020

4 star reviews of Sharara Video Apk

Verry nice app and verry cute videos????????????????
~ Punit Raykevar has rated 4 star on January 12, 2021
This is a ?amazing app ??but there is some issue it take time to download but also I like it no problem but plz fixed and that's why I gave 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ star but amazing? app ???satisfied with this app ??
~ Sarika Chhetri has rated 4 star on January 15, 2021
This app is awesome i love it easy to download and share but there is one issue that the app is automatically close and then we have to open it again ???‍♀️
~ Sharmila Magar has rated 4 star on January 7, 2021

3 star reviews of Sharara Video Apk

Hi sir . And all team , Very nice application, please provide a account management security. Like a . Who person download or not video, because this a creator choice ? and please change the all filters if possible, and add for girls . Beautiful makeup effects, otherwise your application is very good, smooth and clean and clear, screen, videos same to same tiktok. I like it. ? Thanks. Sir
~ Sona Sonu has rated 3 star on November 8, 2020
I give 3 star because it is not working properly when I was opening the app net was walking in high speed but videos are not working .... Slowly slowly videos are working instant there is full network ?hence it is not working????? video quality is not good using data but it is not running frequently
~ Saba Naaz has rated 3 star on January 10, 2021
NICE APP.....But the problem is it keeps loading continuously.....though it sometimes shows repeated videos....but although we can still have fun with Snake Video....and Yes One Thing it is using a fake app icon its wrong?????
~ DISHA MONDAL has rated 3 star on January 14, 2021

2 star reviews of Sharara Video Apk

I gave it only 2 stars because when I log in to this app login is easy ly successful but the the videos are not working properly ? but my network connection is very high working but the videos are not working properly so what should I do now ? ? ?
~ Mukesh Rai has rated 2 star on February 6, 2021
The app is really good but new update has some issues in open app retry and music I have to add my own music but options are not given and more problems are created ..... But please solve this problem ???? ..... Thank you
~ Paramjeet Gill has rated 2 star on January 9, 2021
This app is awesome but this app consume data to much plz fix then I give all of 5 stars to this app THANK YOU
~ PIYUSH बौद्ध has rated 2 star on January 19, 2021

1 star reviews of Sharara Video Apk

It's all right but it uses more data and still videos are not running ? please fix the buffering problem as soon as possible ?
~ Kajal Yadav has rated 1 star on January 17, 2021
I give this app one stars becz when i open this then it os autometicallyvstops yll ..what can i do .....plz solve this problem as soon as possible
~ Shweta Bansal has rated 1 star on January 10, 2021
You are not able for a single star, because upgraded version is so worst and i don't like it ???
~ Adarsh Pole has rated 1 star on January 6, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Sharara Video Apk

Sharara Short Video APK is best app for creating & watching entertaining short video clips. The app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

Yes, you can download Sharara Video app which is made in India & has all the features that were available in TikTok app. Even due to it's great set of features & variety of videos, the app has gained huge popularity in last few months.

You can use Sharara apk if you want o watch unlimited stream of entertaining video clips & want to create your videos as well.

You can make short video on Sharara app. It provides a lot of video creation & editing tools along with video filters & animations options in it.