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Description of Sigo Apk

Sigo-is the world's most talked about online entertainment community platform for voice group chat, supporting chatting with friends, playing games interactively with sound, and enjoying efficient voice parties at any time.

Make new friends easily
There is new matching card. Click on cards of friends from all over the world to match and make acquaintances.
Voice party without distance
No matter where you are, opening sigo, and you can have a voice conversation quickly with your friends.
Virtual gift
Sigo provides many amazing virtual gifts, each one is a symbol of support, give them to friends to express your support.
HD voice
Enjoy your high-quality voice environment in your voice group chat party on Sigo. In sigo, high-definition sound quality is completely free, In order to make voice communication between you and your friends smooth.
Voice Match
Unique voice card supports new friends matches. Swipe left and right to meet different new friends. Click to view the information quickly.
Voice party
In sigo, thousands of users open their own chat rooms every day. We screen them by country and theme to form a voice party distinguished by country and theme content, to bring thousands of users together. Now sigo has covered more than 50 countries.
Private conversation
Independent private chat, supports for one-on-one private text and voice conversations with friends and new friends, no matter where they are, they can communicate privately.