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Skype Lite - Free Video Call & Chat


Description of Skype Lite Apk

Skype Lite app is the lightweight version of the world-famous video calling Skype app. Skype for Android has been one of the most sensational video calling apps lately. You can stay connected to your friends & loved ones through this. All the awesome things which you can do on this app have been mentioned below:

Free Messaging, Group Audio & Video Calls

On Skype Lite, you can send unlimited free messages to your friends or anyone from your contact list. Not only text messages, but you can also do the audio or video calls to them without any charges. All you need is an internet connection.

Share files, photos & your mobile/laptop screen

You can share different files up to 300 MB with your friends through the skype lite apk easily. While having the video call, you can share the screen which is currently opened on your mobile/laptop so that you can explain things easily to your friends or colleagues.

Invite anyone to the group calls

If you send the link of a group call to anyone who doesn’t have an account on Skype, they will be able to join the call as a guest which is super awesome. No other app provides such an option.

Works on Slow Internet Connections

This has been built on a special technology by skype which helps it to run over limited connectivity connections quite easily so this app is very beneficial for all those who have low internet connections.

It has been built by considering countries where the internet penetration is low & users don’t have fast internet speed like India. It is very fast because of the advanced technology being used by skype.

Save money with data saving features

In skype lite video calls, data consumption is very less when compared to other competitive apps which eventually helps you save money.

Data usage tracking

You can check out the data consumption for messaging & video calls anytime you want. This gives you a better idea of your data consumption distribution across different activities & you can know the forecast of your data consumption for the future through this feature.

Skype Bots

Skype Bots are Artificial Intelligence programs with which you can have a chat. Since these are AI trained, they talk quite closely to a human being.

SMS Insights

Apart from providing the option to chat or call with anyone for free, skype apk also provides an awesome feature of SMS insights. This feature makes sure that you don’t miss out on any important information or date. All you have to do to enable SMS insights is to permit the skype lite apk to read the messages so that you can get the awesome insights & make your life easy. Want to know the awesome things about this feature? Let’s check what all you can do through this cool feature:

  • Keep track of all your appointments - Since the skype lite app can read the messages, it checks out all the appointments you might be having & reminds you timely so that you are prepared in advance & don't miss any.
  • Keep track of your account or wallet balance - All the transactions related messages help you check out the available balance in your account or different digital wallets.
  • Easy tracking of online deliveries across multiple providers - You can track all the online purchases that have been ordered by you but have not been delivered to you yet. This is awesome since you can see the exact location & status of all online purchases being done across different platforms.
  • Review and pay bills - The pending amount of all the bills & their due dates are shown in one place through this amazing feature. You can review all the bills in one go & pay the amounts before the due date so that you don’t have to pay additional amounts because you forgot the due date. SMS insights have got your back.
  • Organize discounts that have been sent to you via SMS - All the discounts can be checked from a single place which helps you make informed decisions before making your next online purchase.
  • Check flight status and check-in for your flight - The status of the flight can be easily tracked & you can do check-in through skype apk itself which saves you valuable time.
  • Check train and PNR status - If you have plans to go somewhere by train, you can check out the current location of the train. You can also check the booked sit PNR status from this apk.

So what are you waiting for. Download Skype apk now.