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Spring Framework - Java

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Description of Spring Framework Java Apk

Full Offline Tutorial for Spring Java Framework

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I. Overview of Spring Framework
1. Getting Started With Spring
2. Introduction to Spring Framework

II. What’s New in Spring Framework 4.x
3. New Features and Enhancements in Spring Framework 4.0

III. Core Technologies
4. The IoC container
5. Resources
6. Validation, Data Binding, and Type Conversion
7. Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
8. Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring
9. Spring AOP APIs
10. Testing

IV. Data Access
11. Transaction Management
12. DAO support
13. Data access with JDBC
14. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Data Access
15. Marshalling XML using O/X Mappers

V. The Web
16. Web MVC framework
17. View technologies
18. Integrating with other web frameworks
19. Portlet MVC Framework
20. WebSocket Support
21. Remoting and web services using Spring
22. Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) integration
23. JMS (Java Message Service)
24. JMX
26. Email
27. Task Execution and Scheduling
28. Dynamic language support
29. Cache Abstraction

VII. Appendices
30. Migrating to Spring Framework 4.0
31. Classic Spring Usage
32. Classic Spring AOP Usage
33. XML Schema-based configuration
34. Extensible XML authoring
35. spring.tld
36. spring-form.tld

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