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Taaraka: Astrology, Horoscope, Kundli Predictor

Taaraka Technologies

Description of Taaraka Apk

Taaraka, an astrology app that predicts daily life insights by using NASA APIs to calculate actual positions of the planets, constellations and other astrologically significant mathematical points. Using this data it provides an accurate natal vedic astrology chart based on inputs provided by user’s DoB (Date of Birth), PoB (Place of Birth) and ToB (Time of Birth). It provides breakthrough insights and context to your reality with its content engine running on top of vedic astrology principles and algorithms.

Features of Taaraka - "Technology Powers Astrology"

1) Personalized Horoscope - Daily horoscope, Weekly horoscope & Monthly horoscope absolutely free

2) Prediction & Life Insights - Kundli / natal chart / birth chart / vedic astrology considered in-depth for every prediction and insights.

3) Ask a question & get expert advice from our renowned team of Astrologers on the critical aspects like :
- “Marriage / Relationship / Partner” predictions will help to understand the married life journey and your significant other’s personality type better
- “Personality astrology” will explain your importance & behavior in the society
- “Wealth / Asset / Investment astrology” will highlight the best Return on Investment
- “Siblings / Kids / Family astrology” insights will throw light on dynamics of relationships
- “Education / Career astrology” forecast and insights will help to understand the study and professional graph upcoming
- “Business / Gains / Losses / Success astrology” insights will explain the ups and downs that could potentially happen
- “Spiritual astrology” insights will guide you in your life path
- “Compatibility analysis” for knowing the marriage relationship with potential partner
- “Career astrology” insights explaining the right choice of industry & the type of job

4) Taaraka helps you with:
- 24 hours fresh insights are provided to the user
- Easy to understand / Jargon free language
- Multiple profiles can be added & the insights can be shared on multiple social platforms with your friends and family or share them in private

5) How To Earn Points & Get Expert Advices for Free
- Complete your “Profile”
- “Rate” the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Life insights for its relevance to you and provide us feedback
- “Refer” a friend

6) How does Technology Powers Astrology on Taaraka App?
- We use advanced data analytics with machine intelligence to present users with the best personalized content on a regular basis along with our astrological consultations for their queries.
- The conventional way of consultations come at a significant time & cost and the content available is generic in nature, the content on our app is highly personalized and our experts are powered with high end tools to provide you with the best guidance.
- We want our users to have a seamless engaging experience through our platform without having to visit or dial a number.

Experience "Taaraka" for your personalized life insights / forecast / predictions available on both Apple Store (iOS) & Play Store (Android)

For your easy reference, please find below links to access the Taaraka online assets:
iOS - https://apps.apple.com/in/app/taaraka/id1468107182
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taaraka.app
Website - taaraka.com
Blog - blog.taaraka.com
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