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Tamil Jathagam

Astrology Tamil Hindi App
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Description of Tamil Jathagam Apk

Tamil Jathagam App provides the complete solution for all our Tamil Astrology needs . Get your Jathaga Kattam accurately within a few seconds,


Tamil Jothidam: Tamilians consider it as a very important and auspicious part of their day to day life. Giving your Date of Birth(பிறந்த நாள்), Time(பிறந்த நேரம்) and place of birth predictions (ஜாதகம் கணிப்பு) about future can be made. 

Navagraha Palangal: We believe that our daily events are based on Nava Graha palangal. We give Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2018 (குரு பெயர்ச்சி) as well as Sani Peyarchi Palanagal 2018 (சனி பெயர்ச்சி) .

Panjangam(பஞ்சங்கம்,): Panjangam is used to find the auspicious time to start any event. Indraya Nalla Neram ,Nalla Neram Today, Rahu(ragu) kalam,Yama Ganda, Kuligai can be seen with a single app. 

Computer Jathagam can be generated by entering date of birth and time of birth from this app.

Daily Rasi palan(ராசி பலன்): Get Indraya Rasi Palan( Rasi Palan Today) and know how good your day is and how careful a person should be on the day. 12 Rasi like Mesham, Rishabam, Midunam, Kadagam, Simam, Kanni, Thulam, Viruchagam, Thanusu, Magaram, Kumbam, Meenam can read.

Weekly Rasi Palan: Know how this week is for you and make plans to get succeeded.

Monthly Rasi Palan: Know how the month is for you and also  Rasi Palan 2018 (ராசி பலன் 2018).

Nachathira Palan:  There are many 27 Nachathiram such as Ashwini, Bharani, Karthikai, Rohini, Mirugashreedam, Tiruvadirai, Punarpoosam, Poosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Pooram, Uthiram, Hastham, Chittirai, Swathi, Visakam, Anusham, Kettai, Moolam, Pooradam, Uttiradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Sadhayam, Poorattathi,Uthirattathi,Revathy. Horoscope for all these ராசி நட்சத்திரம் is available.

Tamil Numerology(எண் ஜோதிடம்): Naming a child needs En Kanitha Jothidam . This uses the specific number for each letter with the baby's birth date to calculate the best name number that will suit him. 

Tamil Josiyam(ஜோதிடம்) : Various types like kili josiyam, Kai regai Josiyam , Jathaga Kannipu and much more. Tamil speaking pople in Tamilnadu and all over the world can get benefited with this free Jothidam app.

This is a free Tamil Jathagam App that gives daily Grahanilai. When a child is born we write பிறந்த ஜாதகம் for him. This will be useful throughout his life to find out his good and bad time.

Piranda naal palangal: Birth Date Number can predict your future.

Daily Jothidam(ஜோதிடம் ஜாதகம்) , Tithi, Yogam, Karmam,  Tamil Gandam, Tamil Muhurtham,Horoscope Tamil and many more features are available in the Free app.

Jothida Kattangal : This determines the fate of the individual living on this planet. Zodiac sign can judge the character of a person.

Tamil Horoscope(தமிழ் ஜோதிடம்) can be forseen by an astrologer. This free software is your personal Astrologer and can be downloaded. 

Tamil Rasi Natchathiram combination makes a great impact to a person's family, love, life, success , failure,health, growth,finance, prosperity and well being. Download this for free of cost.

Jathaga Porutham: Before selecting a bride or a groom we see Nachathira Porutham for them. It is believed that a wedding life will be successful when all the porutham are matching for the boy and the girl. Marriage Matching Horoscope is available in this app for your convenience. We Tamilians are very much family oriented and we put our first priority to our kith and kins. Being happy  in married life is a key requirement . Thirumana Porutham is seen to make this possible. Years and Years of togetherness and love is expected in a Kalyanam. We celebrate and conduct our wedding in a very grand manner. Kalyana porutham determines how a bride and a groom will be throughout their lifetime.

We wish all our users get benefited out of our app. Planning according to the various changes in the Jathagam to perform the right act at the right time can lead to great success. We also give Tamil Daily Calendar(நாள்காட்டி), Tamil Monthly Calendar.