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The Run Experience: Running Coach & Home Workouts

The Run Experience

Description of The Run Experience Apk

We teach you how to run faster, get stronger, lose weight and hit your PR with training workouts, videos and articles from The Run Experience coaching team in San Francisco. As featured in: Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, Men’s Health, 60 Minute Sports, Outside Magazine, Ragnar Relay Series, Active.com.


FREE Weekly Training Videos and Articles with full workouts, racing tips and training advice
Running TRACKER Use the app to track your routes and share with your friends
5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathons top training advice
Running Technique advice and drills
Strength Training for Running - Workouts and Strategies
Calorie burning, running, walking and sprint exercises
Designed by Fitness Experts to get your heart pumping, burn calories and maximise weight loss
Fitness at home, indoor workouts, exercises and stretches for running
Injury Prevention and Strategies for Recovering
Training Forum to connect with other runners and our coaches in our Weekly Running Tuneup

Sign up as a member to get exclusive benefits that will help you run faster and further! Whether you are a beginner runner or a pro, our coaches provide workout plans that will help improve your running technique.

Are you signed up for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon? To be a better runner, you must be a complete athlete. That means we focus on running technique, strength, and mobility for injury prevention.

On top of all these free training videos and treasure trove of advice, members of The Run Experience Community can also access their entire training program with daily workouts, right in the app.

We have programs for Beginner Runners, Injury Prevention, Half Marathon and Full Marathon programs as well as a foundational 30 Day Challenge program for all runners. Our run tracker lets you record your workouts, map your mileage and monitor your time, distance and speed. It keeps a log of your previous runs so you can monitor your fitness and share your performance with your friends and the TRE community.


✓ Easy access to your daily workouts for any program you have
✓ Programs for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Strength Training
✓ Chat with our coaches and fellow runners in our VIP Coaching group on FB

At The Run Experience, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best training available and we have helped hundreds of thousands of runners all over the world. Now you can finally get all that training information in your pocket.

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