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ThinkRight.me: Meditate, Think Positive & Succeed

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Description of Thinkright Me Apk

ThinkRight.me helps you become healthier, happier & confident by using powerful meditation & mindfulness techniques. It offers daily affirmations, a rich library of guided meditations & mindfulness tools. It helps you make a paradigm shift from stress to calm, anger to peace, anxiety to confidence, sadness to happiness, to create a more focused & joyful YOU!

Our exclusive daily journey provides you a powerful meditation every day and handholds you to reaffirm and live this meditation throughout the day. This unique daily journey is anchored by world renowned mentor and meditation master BK Shivani.

Other globally acclaimed masters and guides provide a range of goal-oriented guided meditations & mindfulness techniques.

Key Features:
*Daily Journey with a powerful meditation for the day
*Rich library of guided meditations for personal growth, self-healing, inner peace and sleep
*Music to help you relax, focus & reduce stress *Mood Tracker to record & analyse your emotional fitness

Use the powerful daily meditation journey guided by BK Shivani to:
• Kickstart your day with a 5-minute meditation and a powerful affirmation
• Schedule gentle reminders through the day to help you stay in alignment with the day’s affirmation
• Reflect on the day with a guided evening meditation

Follow the exclusive guided mediations by other globally acclaimed masters to:
• Improve focus & concentration
• Create happiness
• Reduce anger & anxiety
• Relieve stress
• Let go of fears
• Overcome addictions
• Create beautiful relationships
• Overcome overthinking
• Sleep well
• Heal yourself
And achieve much more…

Easy-to-use Mood Tracker helps you let go of negative thought patterns and strengthen the positive ones:
• Record your feelings and become aware of your internal thought patterns
• Use analytics to review & observe your thought patterns

Other features include:
• Meditation tools such as timer and chant counter to organise your meditation practices
• Daily inspirational quotes
• Option to personalise notification preference to remind and reaffirm
• Powerful background themes to enhance your meditation experience

ThinkRight.me subscription plan comes with access to our complete library of meditations and daily journey.

For more details:
Privacy Policy: http://thinkright.me/privacy-policy/
Terms of Service: http://thinkright.me/terms-of-service/

Please reach us at [email protected] in case you require any further information.