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Yogendra Singh
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Description of Turbocdroid Apk

TurboCdroid is specially designed for School/college students to run Turbo C++ on android platform. There are many other compilers available for C language , but most of the student use TC due to their curriculum. Most students and programmers are disappointed to know that Turbo C or C++ does not supports android. So here is solution for that, with the help of TurboCdroid we can easily compile and run c++ programs on Turbo C compiler. TurboCdroid is design in a way that we don't need to configure anything. No need to type complicated mounting command every time to just booting up the turbo C. It's a one click installer .


* Easy to install.
* Runs great on android phones only.
* Preloaded useful examples for beginners.
* It also supports graphics code.