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Unacademy App Download

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unacademy learning app download
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unacademy learning app app

Description of Unacademy Learning App Apk

Unacademy is India's largest online learning platform. You can prepare for following exam categories on unacademy app:

  • UPSC
  • SSC Exams
  • Bank PO & Clerk Exams
  • NDA/Navy/Air Force X&Y
  • State PSCs and other exams.

The best thing about unacademy which make it unique from all other apps are:

  • Free Live Classes with interactive quizzes

    You can attend daily live classes absolutely free on unacademy app. You can ask any doubt during the live session, you can chat with the instructor & they will reply to all your messages in the live session. Moderators in the each live class make sure that all your queries are getting resolved in the live lecture itself.

  • Expert Educators

    Unacademy has one of the best faculties on their platform. All the educators on unacademy apk have great teaching experience in their respective subjects & have given selection to thousands of students in competitive exams.

  • Unacademy Legends

    Unacademy Legends is one of the most amazing initiatives of unacademy. In this, different experts of their respective fields come & conduct a session on unacademy as an Educator. To name a few: Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi, Sourav Ganguly have taken lecture as unacademy legend. You can still watch all the lectures taken by these & many other legends by downloading the app.

  • Mock Tests & Result Analysis for Exam Preparation

    On unacademy, free mock tests based on latest exam pattern are provided on a regular basis. You can attempt those mock tests & track your preparation by comparing your rank among the competitors.

  • Recorded Video Lectures

    On unacademy, you get access to a lot of video lectures which have been recorded by top faculties. All these video lectures are absolutely free. All the live session are also available in recorded form & you can watch these lectures any number of times as you want. The best thing about Unacademy recorded lectures is:

    1. A brief intro about the lecture
      • With each of the lectures, a brief intro about the lecture is written which gives you the exact idea about what the lecture is all about & what you will be able to learn at the end of the session.
    2. Power to watch at your own pace
      • You can watch those sessions at your own pace. There are multiple speed options available, you can choose & decide the speed at which you want to run the lecture.
    3. Option to Download lectures video
      • You can download any lecture in High, medium or low quality depending on how much internet data you have.
    4. Option to Download lecture Notes PDF
      • You get the option to download notes of any lecture in PDF format which can be accessed by you anytime from your mobile even if you don't have an internet connection.
    5. Share with your friends
      • You can share the lecture with your friends on whatsapp or any other social media platform in a single click.
    6. Report any issue
      • You can report any issue with the unacademy team if you face any. This can be related to the video quality, video buffering, anything related to the video which is not working as per the expectations. You can also attach any screenshot to explain your issue better.
  • Unacademy Plus

    Apart from all these, if you are looking for proper guidance for any exam & want structures study plan for your preparation then you can join the subscription of unacademy which is Unacademy Plus. The great features of Unacademy Plus are as follows:

    1. Choose the course and batch as per your schedule
      • There are a lot of courses & batches available on unacademy. You can choose the batch in which you want to enrol. There are always new batches launching so you don't have to worry about anything.
    2. Choose from 12+ Languages
      • On Unacademy, the courses are available in more than 12 languages. You can select the language you are comfortable in & you can enrol yourself accordingly.
    3. Download Lectures
      • Once you purchase plus, you get access to unlimited courses & batches in which there are multiple classes available & goes live on a regular basis. You have the power to watch the sessions anytime later if you miss anything & you can also download the lectures to watch them even without the internet.
    4. Interaction in Live Classes
      • All the live classes are interactive in which you can ask all your doubts & chat with the faculty & other students like an offline coaching.
    5. Live Polls
      • In live lectures, polls are asked on a real time basis which are very interactive & you get the idea about your understanding about the topic immediately. Any doubts that you have after that can be asked in the doubt section of the live class.
    6. Quizzes & Mock Tests
      • In Plus, you not only get the live classes, but also unlimited quizzes & mock tests to get the idea about your overall preparation for the exam.
    7. Detailed Report Card
      • Once you attempt any mock test, you are able to see the solution of all the questions in detail but you also get to know how everyone else performed in the same mock test, what were your strong & weak topics, in which topics you took very less time, in which topics your accuracy was very less etc. All these insights for every mock test prepares you well for the actual exam.
    8. Learning Material with each class
      • Once you attend any lecture, you get an option to download the PDF notes of the lecture which can be revisited by you later anytime you want.

5 star reviews of Unacademy Apk

I think it's a great study platform. There are many educators and the best thing is you can enroll with any educator. Their are recorded lessons available just if you want some clarity. So I think it's a best educational platform. Since I had tried many of them but this is the best platform according to me. You can interact with the teacher and you can ask your doubt with instant reply. It's features are awesome.....??
~ Shreyansh Sinha has rated 5 star on 6 January 2021
Best app. Very helpful for students preparing for competitive exams. Unacademy is encyclopedia of knowledge. Live test, variety of experienced educators, test series, doubt clearing are good features of this learing platform. My favourite teacher is Raani singh(english). My journey with unacademy is full of knowlege gathering. Thank you Team unacademy. ?
~ Pritismita Das has rated 5 star on 28 January 2021
Unacademy is very helpful in preparing for competitive exams. I highly recommend this because there are plenty number of top educators live sessions and mock tests and what not if you are ready to learn there is lot enough to learn from unacademy and also these members also have emi and loan facility for fee payment who cannot pay on single payment. Go for this guys
~ apoorva sree has rated 5 star on 1 February 2021

4 star reviews of Unacademy Apk

I wanted to give a suggestion which you can use in this learning platform. You can use an option called screen lock while watching a lecture just like Netflix does, this helps the student to not look in his/her notification or anything else I. E. It reduces distraction.
~ Swapnil Sinha has rated 4 star on 31 January 2021
Those looking for quality, focussed and economical guidance, this is the place for you. But obviously one has to be wise and smart enough to pick and attend the classes of his requirements only, this platform is loaded with all the information. So being picky is very crucial here.
~ Suyash Thakur has rated 4 star on 19 January 2021
This app is very good, great teachers and Quality education. But the only problem is, the battery drains out very fast, while using this app, this needs to be fixed somehow.
~ Khusi Mishra has rated 4 star on 7 January 2021

3 star reviews of Unacademy Apk

For teaching i gives it 5 stars but in newly update on this app i could not login and it says check your network connection but my network connection is good plays in another apps it dont supports on unacademy
~ Shankar Bobade has rated 3 star on 30 January 2021
The aap is very good it gives you the opportunities. but since it is on phone, which is a trap. you can be distracted within seconds and this will affect your quality study time
~ Shri Krishna Mishra has rated 3 star on 18 January 2021
In the new update of the app, when i open my class it shows slow internet even if my internet speed is above 20 mbps...this started happening recently only before this...it was fine...i am using unacademy from more than 9 months now
~ Aadarsh Gaming has rated 3 star on 15 January 2021

2 star reviews of Unacademy Apk

Please Please make the UI for the home page better. It's extremely clumsy. If I watched a video that I will no longer watch again there is no option to remove that from home page. Also the recommendations are very abrupt. Please make the look cleaner.
~ Happy Bird has rated 2 star on 22 January 2021
First time I logged in this app. But after few days this app erased from my phone for my phone's problem. Now I'm trying again to log in this app but it is giving notification that "this email is already registered. "
~ Joya Rimshee has rated 2 star on 24 January 2021
Make download icon separate at home screen of app...where i can see my download video directly as it was in previous version....in new version i have to go for download video in very tedious way...and it takes too much time to get load
~ Shubham Upadhyay has rated 2 star on 25 January 2021

1 star reviews of Unacademy Apk

Bring back that old feature to follow each other and that older version that is before the latest update of 27 jan 2021 I didn't like it at all and there should be an option provided so that plus and non pluse chat are visible to each other .
~ Rock Star has rated 1 star on 29 January 2021
This app drains battery a lot. I don't think it's an optimized app. I have samsung galaxy m21 with 6000mah battery but surprisingly while attending a 1 hour class it drains 20-25% of my 6000mah battery. I'm really very disappointed ?
~ Arpit Suman has rated 1 star on 1 February 2021
This app was working fine u ntill I uninstalled it and reinstalled 3 days ago from then on I was unable to login.. it always shows "check your network connection" for the past 3 days.. It is disgusting that even after subscribing plus I'm missing my classes.. I've tried connecting it through various WiFi and mobile hotspots but it always gives the same response...
~ Divith Palanisamy has rated 1 star on 25 January 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Unacademy Learning App Apk

Yes, you can download Unacademy learning app apk on your laptop. There are various Android Emulators available on internet. You can download the unacademy for pc from here and then install unacademy for laptop by using any of these android emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox Player etc.

For downloading unacademy app to your computer, all you need to do is to click the download apk button given on this page. Once you click that, unacademy will get downloaded to your computer. For easy install, you can use nox player.

Yes, Unacademy app is free to use. You can download unacademy apk for your laptop or mobile & get access to unlimited live classes & mock tests. If you want to get structured courses for course oriented preparation then you will have to purchase unacademy plus which is their subscription plan in which you get access of all courses & mock tests for a target exam category i.e. Banking, SSC, UPSC etc.

You can download any app to your computer from this platform. After downloading any app, you have to install it. You can install any app to your laptop by using any free Android Emulator softwares. One of the best Android Emulators are Nox Player and Bluestacks.

Yes, Unacademy app is 100% safe. Students preparing for various competitive exams prefer Unacademy app over any other app because it has expert teachers & high quality content. Unacademy app apk has been trusted by more than 50 Million students. A lot of great mentors like Virat Kohli, Saurav Ganguly, Kiran Bedi, Rahul Dravid, Shashi Tharoor have also given guest lectures on it. You can check all these recorded lectures once you go for unacademy apk download.

If you want to download unacademy app apk to PC, you can download the app from here & then install the apk using nox player or bluestacks android emulator.

For installing unacademy on Windows 10, you need to download the apk from this page & then install it to your laptop by using any andorid emulator softwares available for Windows 10. You can use Bluestacks if you want to install unacademy for windows.

No, Unacademy is an Indian app co-founded by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini & Hemesh Singh.

Yes, Unacademy app is available for Android & ios both.

Unacademy can be downloaded easily from our platform. A lot of learners have already downloaded it & are enjoying daily free classes. Once you download the unacademy apk, you will have to install it by allowing the phone to install apps from sources other than the play store.

Unacademy Educator app apk is for all those creators who want to share their knowledge with miilions of students. You can download the unacademy educator apk file if you a faculty & not a student.

Yes, you can run unacademy on PC. Download the unacademy android apk from this page & then install it to get access to unlimited free live classes by expert faculties.

Yes, unacademy can be downloaded on laptop using the Download APK button given on this page. Please note that for installing any app to laptop, you need to have an android emulator software. You can refer any of the free softwares.

Unacademy is an Indian origin App. It was registered as a brand in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal along with two co-founders Roman Saini & Hemesh Singh. Parent Company of Unacademy is Sorting Hat Technologies Pvt.